Animal Treatment

How animals are treated?

Animal Treatment

People always capture animals and us them to make money. Animals get hit by people with claw sticks. Some people pay to see animals but they don't know that animals get hit. Some people know that animals get hit and they don't go see them no more and they feel bad for the animals. If people know they will not go often to see animals because they know that animals are treated bad.

How animals are treated in the Circus?

Have you ever bin to a Circus? According to PETA animals in Circus are treated bad and they get hit with claw sticks. They fores animals to do tricks. Also people pay to see animals but they don't know what people that work there hit animals. They forest elephant to do tricks or else they pull there tell.

According to Born Free USA elephants, tigers, and other circus animals are wild animals. Whether they where captured in their native lands or bred in captivity. Performing animals spend most of their days in boxcars, cages, or chains, in live very different from those they would naturally live.

How animals are treated in Zoo?

According to CAPS and PETA a giraffe was killed and feed to lions because they didn't want it. Also they fade cake and junk food to a monkey. As long as animals are in trouble, CALE will keep pushing to help them.

According to PETA a zoo painted stripes on donkeys so they can us to be like a zebra. The zebra was writhing kids in there back. Zoos also treat elephants bad because they don't feed the elephants as many food they need.

How wild animals are treated?

Wild animals are free animals and they can do whatever they want to do. Wild animals are treated good but some people kill them to eat or make clothing. Most people treat animals kind because they love them. Wild animals don't have people that can protect them.

Also wild animals are nice but they are more mean. People are mean to animals and they don't help animals. Animals that get stuck and people don't help them because some people are afread of animals but some just don't want to help animals.

Rehabilitation center for wild animals

WRCMN is a rehabilitation center that helps wild animals if they get hurt and if they get cut WRCMN will help them. The people that work there like animals and they want to help them. Also they never let animals die because they love animals.