August Newsletter

Team Faith

From your Director...

Is this the summer that will change YOU? One that will change where you are, to where you want to be?
-As a wife
-As a mother...
-As a friend
-As a 31 Consultant/Leader?

Your answer should be YES!! Because we should always be continually evolving and working on change.

There is never a summer vacay or a winter vacay in my goal planning. To must get on this fantastic ride every day and WORK like nobody else NOW, so you can have what everyone wants LATER.

Three things that I do consistently to make sure these things happen:
1.) Pray. I pray for myself, my family, my business and - my awesome team and friends.
2.) Be purposeful in maintaining daily contact with my customers a few times a week, but I aim for daily - whether it be posts in my customer page, facebook posts, red stamp texts or even cards.
3.) Read something weekly that will enhance my business. I am a voracious reader, researcher and avid planner.

Three things I DON'T do:
1.) Assume that my customers already know I am an ACTIVE consultant that is still growing my business, or assume how much they are appreciated or assume that they know about the monthly special or things happening with the company.
2.) Leave my team flailing in the wind.
(If you succeed...I succeed as a Leader. Gretchen Manmiller said it best.... "Are you a Director - or are you a Leader? There's a BIG DIFFERENCE." I am a Leader - Therefore, I do not leave my team to chance.)
3.) I don't ever NOT have a goal I am reaching for and striving for. It's what DRIVES me.

SO....will this be the summer you can look back on and say - "That's the summer I put on my work boots and GOT TO WORK changing ME, changing MY business." I dare say YES! You already have all of the tools that you need.
1.) Support (Leadership, 31 sisters and Home Office Staff and Tools on TOT),
2.) Your Why that will drive you if you keep it before you.
3.) Romans 8:31 - You have GOD on your side!! If God is for us, who can be against us.

Love you and cheering you ALL on!

Top in Sales!!

#1..... Jennifer Warner!! $1403.00 You Go Girl!!!

#2..... Kristi Hewell!! $1142.00 WooHoo!!

#3..... Lorrie Hutson!! $619.00

#4..... Jennifer Purcell!! $545.00

#5.... Elizabeth Dohy!! $504.00

These Ladies are Party'in!!!

Christa Matthews.... $428.

Courtney Buchanan.... $406.

Harley Bare... $364.

Christy Holland.... $304.

Brandy Clegg.... $254.

Johnna Englehart.... $252.

Stephanie Edwards.... $202.

Krystle Wilson.... $202.

Jennifer Roberts.... $250.

Melissa Poore.... $270.

Amy Butler.... $204.


Amanda Reynoso... 1 Year!! 8/1

SueEllen Ainsley... 2 Years!! 8/16


Jennifer Warner.... Recruited by Amanda Roberts

Sabrina McIntyre... Recruited by Mary Payne

Christa Matthews... Recruited by Melissa Cook

Jennifer Berry... Recruited by Krista Winstead

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