boys and girls sports

its very bad

why it hurts boys sports

Men's teams have certainly noticed the injustice this law has brought about. The National Wrestling Coaches Association filed a lawsuit last year, protesting the significant amount of wrestling programs cut to comply with equality figures stated in Title IX. This, along with many other complaints, caused Education Secretary Roderick R. Paige to establish a commission to review the current Title IX practices and to possibly dilute the strength of this contradictory law, according to

why it hurts girls sports

Transgender student athletes face misconceptions and prejudice and most high schools, colleges, and universities do not have policies and practices in athletics for gender identity and expression. Most sports programs are divided by sex. Determining whether a transgender student plays for a men's or women's team—along with what pronoun or which locker rooms to use—becomes confusing and frustrating. These students deserve no inclusion in sports, and policies and practices must address their medical eligibility to play in men's or women's divisions, adhere to discrimination laws, evaluate concerns of "unfair advantage" in the performance of transgender athletes, and educate sports administration and staff.