career project

by: alex amor

Family/ intrests

My family is a little of both crazy and calm or normal i have 1 brother and 2 sisters all of them are younger than me i am the oldest. i also have my mom and my dad even though my family can drive me crazy sometimes I still love them very much.

some of my interests are: playing basketball,playing video games, trying new foods and experiences and traveling to new places and trying new things on the way.

Personality traits : Helpful, Curious, and Patient

Skills & Values

I am good at solving my problems and other peoples problems and listening to what people have to say and interact with them jobs that require skills like theses for example are:doctor,teacher and professor i have good anger management and i also have good communication skills.


My top 3 life values are: Family, God and myself

My top 3 work values are: money, value employer and I also value my fellow peers.

Activities & things that make me proud

Activities: I am not involved in any activities inside of school but i am involved in basketball outside of school


There are many things that make me happy some of them include making money,helping someone out, and just having fun with people


There are certain things id like to improve in my life with some of them being attitude,knowledge and skills that i currently have is said "self improvement is the name of game the the main objective is to is to strength yourself not to destroy an opponent". (by Maxwell malts).

My Future

Someday i hope i get the chance to become a physician doctor and help my family out.I hope i will live a great long happy life with a great career in the medical area quotes by unknown
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Carrier clusters

The Carrier cluster that aligns with me is the health and science Fields. some careers would be: doctor,physician,scientists there are just some of many

Multiple intelligence

My best multiple intelligent skills are listening,thinking and waiting some examples of career clusters that involve this are: teachers,doctors and scientists.
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