Mrs. Linger's Class News

May 15-May 19, 2017

Save the Dates!

  • Last call for Author's Tea RSVP's! All visitors must be approved volunteers. We do not want to have to turn anyone away on your child's special day!

  • Friday May 19th- Book Talk Due (genre is student choice)

  • Friday, May 19th- 9 am to 11 am- End of the Year Book Release/Author's Tea- parents are invited, and it's quite a big event! If possible, please have your child dress nicely for this event. :)

  • Friday, May 19th- Harlem Wizards vs. TCE Thunderbolts Basketball Game

  • Tuesday, May 23- Bizarre Bazaaar

  • Tuesday, May 23- Lunch time change! 11:36-12:06

  • Classroom Updates

    Author's Tea
    Students may dress in their Sunday best for the Author's Tea celebration. :) We will waltz into the cafeteria once all the parents have arrived in true Hollywood style down the red carpet. Parents, you are encouraged to take pictures of your star! We will stand as a class for a group picture, then be released to parents/friends for the "tea" part. Because all the classes donate, there will be breakfast type goodies to snack on. After a while we will head back to our classroom to read our published pieces of writing. We can't wait to see you to celebrate our 4th grade accomplishments!

    Bizarre Bazaar
    Next Tuesday is our big trade/exchange day. If students are bringing any food, please make sure the items are individually wrapped. Students will need a poster to explain their good/service. I encourage the kiddos to bring a small box or tray to carry items to the other classrooms. They'll need a container or bag to bring home their new items in as well. I still have many students who have not yet turned in their Bizarre Bazaar permission slip. If you have misplaced this, please write your child's name, the good or service they will be trading, and your signature on a piece of paper and turn that in. Thank you! It's a very fun day, and we don't want to have to leave anyone out!

    Harlem Wizards
    Buy your tickets online at...

    Our class is working to earn a pajama day for Monday, May 22! We need 6 more families to purchase tickets!

    Wish List Items

    -supplies to decorate the STEM tri-folds

    - EXPO markers

    Thank you to all the parents who have sent in my wish list items. I appreciate all the items sent in.

    Curriculum Notes

    Reading -

    Novel: Turtle in Paradise

    We will review all comprehension skills through cross curricular projects from now until the end of the year.

    Math and Science:

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Project:

    Students will be working in groups in class to investigate how NASA protects astronauts as their space ships re-enter Earth's atmosphere.


    Cursive Handwriting

    Social Studies-

    Chapter 9: Florida's Government

    Summative Test Thursday, May 18th

    Financial Literacy Project

    Character Counts Monthly Focus

    • September – Fairness -
    • October – Responsibility -
    • November – Citizenship-
    • January – Respect-
    • February – Caring-
    • March – Trustworthiness -
    • April- All Pillars

    Resource Schedule

    Day 1: Media

    Day 2: Art

    Day 3: Science Lab

    Day 4: P.E.

    Day 5: Computer with Mr. Hurt

    Day 6: Music

    Day 7: Computer Lab or iPad cart with Mrs. Linger

    Day 8: P.E.