Keep an Eye on the Sky!

By: Your Teacher

Gym Class..

I was in gym class when my teacher suggested we go outside and play softball as we made our way out to the field, my stomach slowly turned into a giant knot of fear.

Softball is just not my game. I have a knack for always getting hit in the head by the ball. It doesn't matter where I'm standing. The ball just seems to find. me.

My teammates gave me a glove and put me way out in left field. I didn't complain. I Just wanted to make sure I knew when a gym class ended I wouldn't be left behind.

Nothing Happened in the First Three Innings...

Nothing happened in the first three innings. Well, things happened but not in my little part of the softball field. I start daydreaming. The next think I knew, I heard the sound of a ball whizzing through the air. I put up my glove to protect my head and an amazing thing happened. I caught the ball in my glove! Not only did I catch the ball, but I helped my team to win.

I was a hero to my classmates for the rest of the day. And I learned something. I may not always see the flying balls that come my way, but I can always take a chance and try to catch one.