Flexible Learning Plan

Adrian Public Schools Snow Day Recovery Plan

Purpose of Flexible Learning Days

In an effort to minimize disruptions to academic progress and provide a reasonable plan to utilize technology and blended learning opportunities, Adrian Public Schools will implement flexible (e-Learning) learning days for the first five (5) emergency closures.

School emergency closures will continue to be announced the same way.

Procedure for Flexible Learning Days

  • Teachers will design flexible learning day assignments with realistic expectations, timelines and consideration regarding students’ workload.

  • Middle/High School teachers will provide a timely course plan, posting work for the day in Google Classroom by 10:00 am on the day school is closed.

  • Elementary teachers will provide meaningful assignments on SeeSaw (K-3) and Google Classroom (4-5).

  • Teachers will be available via email and phone during the Flexible Learning Day from 10:00am-3:00pm.

  • Students are encouraged to complete all work on the Flexible Learning Day if possible. However, all student work will not be graded by the classroom teacher until five school days after the Flexible Learning Day.

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. ~Anthony D'Angelo


Attendance must be taken by the teacher and records of attendance must be kept for each class/class period. If a student does not complete the e-Learning task(s) before the fifth class period following the e-Learning day, that student will be counted absent. “Students who do not participate in planned activities are considered absent for those class(es) and should be reported as absent as if they were not present for an on-campus class.” (Plaman, Minnesota Department of Education 20 July 2017)

Students in Daycare

Adrian Public Schools acknowledges that it should not be the responsibility of daycare providers to teach concepts or complete assignments. Parents/guardians with students who will be in daycare on flexible learning days are encouraged to ask students to attempt to complete tasks independently and offer support at home. Students may also bring any assignment they are struggling with to school the next day for support from his/her teacher.