Riverhouse Children's Center

August Parent Newsletter

Riverhouse Mission Statement

The mission of the Riverhouse Children’s Center is to provide high quality care and early education services to young children. Riverhouse believes all families deserve access to exemplary child care regardless of socioeconomic status, disability, family composition, race, ethnicity, national origin, religious beliefs or political affiliation.

Upcoming Events

August Parent's Night Out August 15th, 5:30-9:30, sign up is hung up on the wall outside the classroom. The Chickadee teachers (Miss Meg and Miss Emma) are hosting this month

Preschool Graduation: Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 5:30 pm. Potluck is to follow- please bring in a dish for the after graduation meal!

Riverhouse will be CLOSED August 22 for a Staff Work Day

First day of Fall Session is Aug. 25th

September 1, 2014 CLOSED Labor Day

September 29, 2014 CLOSED Staff Work Day

Staffing Updates

I wanted to inform all parents of some changes to our Infant Department. I know there has been some changes but we are very excited to be fully staffed in both the Chickadee and Hummingbird Classrooms.

Starling Teacher News

To the Families at Riverhouse,

I am sad to announce that I am leaving Riverhouse. It has been such a delight to get to know all of you and your families over the past three years. I am happy that I got to enjoy this rewarding experience and that I had the chance to be a part of all of your children’s lives. I will miss all of the children immensely but I am ecstatic that Heather has worked hard to find a great replacement for me. We are excited that Ms. Lou will be taking over my position and will be co-teaching with Ms. Kim. I am so thrilled for her and Ms. Kim because as you all know, we have established an awesome team over the past few months that have benefited the children greatly. My last day will be August 21 after the preschool graduation. On a happier note, as many of you may know I have been in love with Hawaii since I started vacationing there a couple of years ago. My boyfriend, Shannon, has family there and we have been blessed with the opportunity to join them and move there : ). I am heavyhearted to leave all of your kiddos but I will keep in touch with them and the wonderful teachers at Riverhouse. Thank you for sharing your children with me. It has been fulfilling to be such an important part of your children’s lives.

Aloha and thank you,

Claudia Wethall

New Faces

We have two new faces here at Riverhouse

Chantelle Washington, Chickadee and Hummingbird Float

Dear Chickadee Parents, July 11, 2014

My name is Chantelle Washington and I am Shoshone and Sue Native American about 5’1’ I was born in Devils Lake, North Dakota and was raised in Wyoming. I have begun to work towards my CDA and I have experience working with children as I used to be an aide for a center working with children birth to 5 years old. I love children and enjoy teaching them new things and learning from them. I have very excited to be a new resident in Durango and excited to eventually go to college here too! I am very excited to be working with your children!

Can’t wait to meet you all!

Chantelle, the new Chickadee Float

Kristan Brooks, Hummingbird Aide Teacher

Biography on Kristan Brooks

Hello, my name is Kristan Brooks and I am super excited about the opportunity to teach your little ones at Riverhouse starting this August. I have a 1 year old daughter who will also be a new member of Riverhouse and is super excited to learn and make new friends. As a fairly new mommy, I have truly come to love and be inspired by watching little ones at this age explore and learn everything they see and do! At this beautiful, but critical age, our “little sponges” are absorbing the foundational skills needed to attain critical thinking and developmental skills needed for a successful, high academic potential. I am privileged to get to be a part of helping lay this initial foundation for your little guys!

I moved to Durango with my husband and daughter from Ruidoso, NM a few months ago. I have taught high school science and math for the last nine years in Texas and New Mexico. I have a B.S. Chemistry with a minor in Biochemistry and a Masters in Education. I am thrilled to be teaching a much younger group who see everything as new and exciting! I look forward to getting to know and work with all the Riverhouse staff, parents, and especially kids!


Kristan Brooks

Riverhouse Teachers get colorful at the Color Dash 5k July 27th!

Megan, (former Riverhouse Teacher) Heather, Claudia, Colombe, Brenna and John.
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Parent Reminders

* Please park in the Riverhouse Parking Lot- we NO longer have permission to park at the church

* Please avoid holding the door open for people, unless they are a Riverhouse Parent/Teacher that you know

* Tuition is Due the 1st of each month and late after the 5th, please place all payments in the wooden box by the sink in the lobby

* Late Charges there is a $10 per day late charge for late tuition and there is an additional charge if your child is picked up past 5:30. We hope that you respect that at 5:30 teacher have classrooms to clean and must get out of here on time. If you are on time the teachers leave on time! Win,Win!

* Tuition is consistent throughout the year to keep your child's spot at Riverhouse, with closure dates such as teacher work days and holidays which are factored into the monthly tuition rates. There are NO vacation/sick days or trade in days.

*It is important for your child to arrive around 8:30 each morning for consistency, more peer interaction and more time to have free play before the day begins

* Key Fobs- if you have lost your key fob please come see and Heather and pay for a replacement fob. If you need to return your key please bring them to Heather

* If your child is sick or is going to be coming into school a little later please call your child's classroom to let them know

Excited the start a new school year

"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it."
- Albert Einstein
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Riverhouse Classroom Expectations

These three expectations are throughout the center and are to help teachers teach children classroom expectations through positive language!

1. We keep our things safe

2. We keep our friends safe

3. We keep ourselves safe


Please read up on immunizations for children birth to age 2. Here in the link that will give you more information!