Purpose of Education

Putting Purpose into Action

Students and Teachers Often Have Different Goals

The role of the teacher is to create a positive change in the learner. Teachers do this first by engaging the learner, getting and holding their attention. Then teachers inform the learner with new material that will hopefully be absorbed and internalized.

Conversely the learner has preconceived notions of what needs to be learned. Notions that do not necessarily match what the teacher has in mind. Often the learner is interested in learning only what is necessary and not one thing more.

The dissonance between teachers and learners must be bridged. The teacher must use everything in their tool box to bridge the gap. Today with digital technology the teacher has more tools than ever before, but as in the past must choose a mix of tools that will effectively bond the learner with the learning material. Not a simple or easy task.

Technology a Two Edged Sword

Technology cuts two ways in education. On the one hand digital technologies can be beneficial in bringing the learner to a level of perspective and understanding that could not have been done 15 years ago. On the other hand technology can be a source of frustration and can be a hindrance in the learning process.