King Connections

February 22, 2021

Important Information


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Dear King Families

I hope the winter break offered some opportunities for everyone to spend time with family and maybe even have some fun in the snow. This week is an exciting one as we welcome even more students back to the building for the first time in almost a year!

Phase III Return: On Wednesday, 2/24, we will be welcoming back 29 Phase III S Cohort students who will be joining 13 of our Phase I students for a total of 43 students.

Phase IV B Cohort students return on 3/3 and A Cohort students return on 3/8. (See the link to the hybrid schedule below.)

With the arrival of more students, you will see some changes in your child's schedule beginning this week. Tuesday will be our last day for Universal Lunch/Recess. The first day or two back for each group will require an hour in the morning to welcome students in the building and to familiarize them with the classroom set up and basic procedures. As a result, the first hour will be asynchronous for students at home. Teachers may also need additional asynchronous periods of time during the first days to teach classroom expectations and protocols as they pertain to safety in particular. You can expect to hear from your child's teacher regarding those changes.

All students who are returning to in-person learning will receive headphones and a bag to transport their chromebooks to and from school each day. Please be sure to remind your child to use the bag to and from school to ensure the safe transit of the device. The headphones should remain at school on their desks.

I am including the link to last week's King Connections for access to previously shared information.

This week's King Connections includes:

  • District Return to School Update- February 19th
  • Return to Learn for Families Presentation PTO 2-10
  • King Return to Learn Q&A
  • Return to School Hybrid Schedule
  • King Family Request to Change Learning Mode Form
  • Learning Bag Distribution
  • Revised COVID Protocols and Processes as of 2/22/21
  • Attestation App- MyMedBot
  • Mars Rover
  • King Celebrates Black History Month
  • February's Character Theme: Compassion
  • PTO Website
  • FPS Back to Schools
  • Mass.Gov Travel Updates



Please be sure to utilize the district tech website if you are having any tech issues.

Return to Learn for Families Presentation PTO 2-10

This slide show was presented at the last PTO Meeting and contains information and links about King's Return to School Plan. See the link below for a Q&A document.

King Family Request to Change Learning Mode Form

Please complete and submit this form if you would like to change your child's remote learning mode to a return to in-person. For A or B cohort students to be placed on a wait list for the April 5 return date, the form must be submitted by March 18th.

KING's Next Learning Materials Distribution will be on Thursday, February 25th- Two Windows for Pick Up: 7:30AM-8:30AM (Earlier Time!) and 5:00PM-6:00PM


For the most updated COVID Protocols and Processes that go into effect this week, please be sure to check this link.

Attestation App- MyMedBot

As noted in Dr. Tremblay's Return to School Update linked above, the district will be rolling out the use of this application with students beginning this week. Please be sure to check out the link below.

The Framingham Public Schools are beginning to expand the use of the MyMedBot App which allows staff and families the ability to engage in a daily attestation of health with regard to COVID symptoms. Students, families and staff will answer a series of COVID-19 related questions each school day via the mobile app (accessible on both mobile phones and computers). Staff are actively using the app and we are rolling out the use with Phase I and II students next Monday, followed by Phase III students on Wednesday. Families with children returning to school buildings will receive instructions and special invitation codes when the application is ready. We are currently building out a website with more information. You can see that here:

Did you know we have a rover on Mars RIGHT NOW?!

The rover Perseverence landed on Mars on Feb 18. It is NASA's fifth rover, and it's mission is to figure out if life exists, or has existed, on Mars! If life does exist, it is probably in the form of teeny tiny creatures similar to our bacteria here on Earth. Perseverance is sending back lots of pictures and videos and information from Mars. You can read all about it and keep up with the mission by checking out these websites:

NASA Science Mars: 2020 Mission Perseverence Rover. It's called the 2020 mission because Perseverence was launched in July. It took 7 months to get to Mars!

Vote on Image of the Week: See the photos sent back by Perseverence and vote on the one you'd like to be "Image of the Week"

NASA Science for Kids: Mars Rovers. You can read about all of the Mars rovers and what they discovered.

NASA Ciencia: Los Rovers de Marte

Black History Month

Below is a link to a slideshow of influential African Americans that includes their names, pictures, and contributions. We hope that you will take some time to share this slideshow with your children this week and encourage them to learn about each individual. During our first virtual grade level community meetings on Tuesday, we will be calling on students from each class to share something they learned.

February's Character Education Theme of the Month is COMPASSION

Definition: Showing concern or empathy for others.

“I” Statement: I will be considerate of others and think about how they feel.


  • Why is showing compassion for others important?
  • What does it feel like when someone shows compassion and empathy to you?

Some Book Titles about COMPASSION:

  • Loser: Jerry Spinelli
  • A Chair for My Mother: Vera Williams
  • The Invisible Boy: Trudy Ludwig
  • Amazing Grace: Mary Hoffman
  • The Hundred Dresses : Eleanor Estes
  • The Giving Tree: Shel Silverstein
  • Wings: Christopher Myers
  • The Little Bird in the Cage: Camila Hurst

ParentTeacherOrganization Join our WebSite

Do you want to be able to connect with other parents in your child's classroom? Are you interested in volunteering at a PTO event? Do you want to buy tickets or register for PTO Events? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then visit today and join the school directory!

Any questions emails

Daily Wellness Checks at Home Travel Updates during Covid-19

Here is a link that may be helpful to keep up with which states are allowable for travel at a given time.

Dates to Remember


  • 23rd- School Council Meeting -6:00pm-7:00pm
  • 24th- Cohort S returns to school
  • 25th- Learning Bag Distribution


  • 3rd- Cohort B returns to school
  • 8th- Cohort A returns to school
  • 11th- Early Release-Professional Development
  • 12th No School: FTA PD Day
  • 18th- Learning Bag Distribution

King School Hours

School Hours 9:05am - 3:20pm

Early Release Days

  • Students who are learning remotely are dismissed at 12:00pm. Students who are learning in-person are dismissed at 12:55pm. Lunch IS served.
  • Early Release Thursdays: 3/11/21, 4/29/21, 5/6/21, 5/13/21, 5/20/21, 5/27/21

Half Days
  • Students are dismissed at 12:00pm.
  • Lunch IS NOT served.
  • Half Days: 11/25 and the last day of school.


The online transportation request form for the 2020 - 2021 school year is now open.

If you need illustrated instructions on how to complete your Transportation Request in English, please visit THIS LINK. Here are the Portuguese and Spanish versions as well.

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