Tax Lawyer


In general, tax lawyers investigate legal cases for business law, and help communicate between their clients and the IRS.

A tax lawyer AKA tax attorney has multiple responsibilities, such as

1. Keeping confidential records and tax information.

2. Communicating and negotiating with local, state, or federal government.

3. Taking an in depth look at tax related issues.

4. Researching and knowing state and federal laws.

Education and studies:

In general, it takes seven years to become a tax lawyer. The first four years must be for a bachelors degree.

Classes required:

Financial, managerial and cost accounting

Income tax I and II

Fundamentals of auditing

Business law I and II

Practice Areas:

Some areas of studies and specialization are:

General business taxation
Estate planning
International taxation
Financial services


In February of 2014, the average salary of a tax lawyer.

Practice environments:

Tax lawyers generally work at law firms that offer tax services, but some may work out of their own residence.