Michael Jeffko

18 Ramsgate Lane

Barkhamsted CT, 06063


  • Class Rank: 3/182
  • Grade Point Average: 4.31 (Weighted)
  • Classes: AP Modern European History, AP English and Composition, AP Calculus, AP Biology, University of Connecticut Early College Experience Biology, University of Connecticut Early College Experience Physics, and University of Connecticut Early College Experience Spanish

Academic Achievements and Honors

  • Academic Excellence for all four quarters Freshman to Senior Year.
  • Outstanding Performance Award In:

Grade 9: Honors Western Civilization, Geometry, Spanish II, and Honors English I

Grade 10: Honors Algebra II, Honors Biology, Honors English II, and AP Modern European History

Grade 11: Honors Chemistry, Honors Pre-Calculus, and Honors Spanish IV

Other Awards and Honors

  • Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award
  • Connecticut Associations of Public School Superintendents Student Recognition Award
  • American Citizenship Award
  • Clarkson University's Leadership Award
  • Trinity Book Award
  • St. Michael's Book Award
  • Selected to attended Connecticut Youth Leadership Conference



  • Grade 9: Junior Varsity Letter
  • Grade 10: Varsity Letter (Starting Varsity goalie)


  • Grade 9: Varsity Letter (Starting Forward)
  • Grade 10: Varsity Letter (Starting Forward)
  • Grade 11: Varsity and helped lead the team to a League Championship (Starting Forward)
  • Grade 12: Varsity (Starting Forward)


  • Grade 9: Varsity (Staring Catcher)
  • Grade 10: Varsity (Starting Catcher)
  • Grade 11: Varsity and selected as a Team Captain (Starting Outfield)
  • Grade 12: Varsity and selected as a Team Captain (Starting Outfield)


  • Grade 11: Second Team All Berkshire League Baseball and Basketball
  • Grade 11: Mike Zimmen Leadership Award for Baseball

  • Selected to attended Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) Sportsmanship Conference

Scholar Athlete Award: Maintained an average of 88% or above throughout the season

  • Grade 9: Fall, Winter, and Spring Seasons
  • Grade 10: Fall, Winter and Spring Seasons
  • Grade 11: Winter and Spring Seasons

Organizations and Community Service

National Honor Society:

  • Grade 11: Accepted into the National Honor Society- Helped to organize a Cancer Awareness walk raising over $1500
  • Grade 12: Elected Vice President of the National Honor Society
Student Council:

  • Grades 10, 11, and 12

Student Senate:

  • Selected to be part of an elite group of students chosen for their dedication and character who address particular aims and goals of the school and work to achieve those wants and needs.

Climate Committee:

  • Chosen to be part of a program that combines teachers and students to address issues in the school and think of creative and particle ways to address such issues. Students were chosen based on involvement in the school community, leadership capabilities, and character.

Unified Sports:

  • This is a sector of Special Olympics that helps to incorporate handicap children through athletic participation. I have been a part of the Unified Sports since 7th grade and am currently one of the head student leaders of the organization.

R.E.A.C.T ( Rachel's Challenge):

  • One of the first people to establish the group in our school.This is a group of students who promote kind deeds and an improvement in the school atmosphere and the community as a whole.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D):

  • Member since being asked to join in Grade 10

Garden Rebuild:

  • Helped to rebuild a memorial garden for all those who have lost their lives who have attended Northwestern Regional


Grade 9: Counselor at Barkhamsted Youth Camp

Grade 10: Worked at R and B's Sportsworld

Grade 11: Primary care provider for my elderly Grandfather.