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Google Expeditions Custom Tours

Yes, Google Expeditions has gotten even better! You can now add your own custom tour. You can use your own 360 images, I have a camera I can bring with me to use with your class. You can use images from Google Maps.
CiTi Library DRAFT Google Tour

This is set to unlisted. You can only view under my account or with this link.

Sample images from DRAFT of Library Custom Tour

These custom tours can be viewed in Google Expeditions

Once the tour has been created and published you can guide students through the tour just like any other Google Expedition.
Google Tour Creator

Use this to create your custom tour! Work with the Library for this to be more authentic. Use your accounts to keep things secure.

The Custom Tours can also:

  1. Be added to a Google Site page.
  2. Can be viewed on Chromebooks using the provided link.
  3. Turned in on Google Classroom as a link.

You will be given a link to copy when you publish the tour.

When you publish a tour you will be asked Unlisted or Public. I would suggest unlisted and get approval in writing from admin if you want to make it public.

Maple Syrup! The Library wants to add a tour of our Maple Syrup collection!

Why isn't Tour Creator working correctly on iOS?

If you have iOS 12.2 or higher, make sure Motion & Orientation Access is turned on:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap Safari.
  3. Under "Privacy & Security," turn On Motion & Orientation Access.