Monday Memo

Week #28 - March 9, 2015

Dates to Note:

Tuesday, March 10: Lower Cook Day
Wednesday, March 11:
  • Primary Cook Day
  • Parent Meeting - for Track Team - after school in Middle School
Thursday, March 12:
  • Victorian House Parent Ed Event
  • MMUN Banquet after school - Upper Families only
Friday, March 13: MAKE UP DAY - school in session for all but Infant & Toddlers
Wednesday, March 18: Lower Elem Science Fair (details to come)
Thursday, March 19: Life After Oak Farm - A Conversation with High School Freshmen 6:00-7:30
March 26 & 27: Conferences (Conference Hours: Thursday: 11:00 - 6:30 / Friday: 8:30 - 3:30)
March 30 - April 3: SPRING BREAK!

Parent Teacher Conferences:

Parent Teacher conferences are quickly approaching! Please know that an email is being sent to parents this afternoon to begin the scheduling. Notify Sarah Shanton-Cox ASAP if you are needing an hour with any families. Also, I ask that you notify the parents so that they are not alarmed when an hour is scheduled.

Thank you for all that you do in the preparation of these important meetings!

Conference Food - Macy could use your input.
Parents like to provide food for you all - but it is somewhat of a cluster to get it to you all. What would you think if a meal was provided for each building for one of the days... and then a selection of snacks and simple food was provided for the other day. I know how conference days are - you sometime barley have time to put on chap-stick, let alone sit and eat a nice lunch! The parents want to serve you - and I want to make sure it is time & energy well spent. Share your thoughts, PLEASE!

REMINDER: Newsletter Articles & Pictures Due (already!) to Sarah Shanton-Cox on Friday, March 13!

YEARBOOK pictures... PLEASE!

Yes... this is a repeat - WE STILL NEED THEM!

Janet Canino has offered to come take pictures in your classrooms... or to come and collect pictures from your computers to save you all the time of doing it.

We need pictures by THIS FRIDAY - contact Macy if you need a flashdrive. You can also Email them or share them via Google Drive - please call if you need help with this!

Gala... it came, it went... and we all survived!

Lauren & Kelly are working hard to reconcile the numbers - you will know soon what the totals are for your classroom projects.

THANK YOU for your hard work!!!!