georgianna Cannon

What is Memory

Memory is a group of related mental processes that are involved in acquiring,storing,and retrieving information

Fundamental Processes

Encoding: process of transforming information into a form that's entered and retained by the memory system.

Storage:The process of retaining information to be used at a later time.

Retrieval: involves recovering the stored information so that we are consciously aware of it.

Losing the ability to remember

There are several diseases that causes people to lose their memory. Retrograde amnesia,usually from a blow to the head, Dementia, altzheimers, and parkinsons.

Ways to Enhance your Memory

Space your study sessions

sleep on it,dont do all night cran sessions

Focus your attention-no loud background noises

commit your time-spend time learning your material

Organize the information

Elaborate on the material

Use Visual imagery

Use contextual cues to jog memory