Bacon's Bits

Monday, December 14, 2015

The 5 days until break...

To celebrate the season with the kids we have a winter break countdown. Each day we get to pop a balloon and I reveal the "surprise" of the day. I wanted to give you a heads up for our week.

Monday - Choose your seat

Tuesday - Stinky Feet

Wednesday - Unhealthy Snack & Drink for snack

Thursday - Pajama day tomorrow (Friday)

Friday - No "homework"...I might have mentioned Lexia and Reflex over break.

I immediately heard why they won't be able to do it because they are traveling, won't have wifi, they need time "off" and so forth. So, I will be telling them that I would LOVE to see them on, but I will not be making them sign the responsibility log. There are a few kiddos who are SO close to passing the addition and subtraction, and I strongly encourage them to work over break. I will be sending home their current Reflex facts that they have mastered and not mastered on Friday.

OH, and lastly, I will be having a hot cocoa and book day on Friday morning. I will supply the hot cocoa and marshmallows for a special treat. I told them I had something up my sleeve since they were so good when I was sick, and I could not be more proud of them. Have a wonderful week.