Bud,Not Buddy

Author:Christopher Paul Curtis

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Story Plot

Exposition:The story of Bud,Not Buddy takes place in Flint,Michigan 1936.The characters were Bud,Bugs,Deza,Amos family,Miss Thomas,Herman.Bud was at the orphanage packing up and ready to move into a new foster home.They said he was very lucky for a family to adopt him.Instead he ended up punching the familys son a 12-year old kid named Todd to the ground.

Text Evidence Setting:"One Night Only in Flint,Michigan, at the Luxurious Fifty Grand on Saturday June 16, 1932. 9 Until?" pg.7

Rising Action: Bugs found Bud sleeping beside the library then asked Miss Hill,the librarian where hooverville was that's when they both set off to find hooverville on there way there they met some people waiting to catch a train.Then he met a 10 year old girl named Deza Malone,they ended up kissing and watching a sunset.In the morning he was awoke by a screaming man that yelled "Get up they're trying sneak it out early!" pg.80 He tried as quickly as he could to get out of his sleep Bugs yelled at him to hurry up

but the blue flyer had slipped out of his suitcase he slowed down to catch it but everyone else was already getting on the train including Bugs,he didnt make so he decided to follow the train to Grand Rapids where he was headed.On his way there he was trying to keep a low profile,but a man in a truck pulled over and lured him out of hiding by using a sandwich and a bottle of "Red Pop" because he knew he was hungry.Bud lied and said he had ran away from grand rapids because he knew that if he said this the man would drive him to Grand Rapids and he wont have to do any more walking instead the man said he will drive him there in the morning he took him to where he lived and Bud met his family to eat dinner the man told Bud that his name was "Lefty Lewis".

Climax:Lefty Lewis dropped Bud off in front of the Concert place where the packard was and the big moment when Bud meets his"daddy"(a.k.a.)Herman E. Calloway and the rest of his new band he joined called "The Dusky Devastators of the Depression"

Falling Action: Bud,Herman,and the rest of the band went to the finest restaurant in Grand Rapids called the "Sweet Pea"also the most expensive and rich restaurant thats when Bud met the lead singer Miss Thomas.

Text Evidence:"There were about 9 diamond rings on just her right hand!"pg.163

Resolution:The band and Bud went home and Mr.Jimmy bought Bud a sax to maybe play in the band. The band talked about if Herman was Buds dad but he wasnt he was his grandfather and, Buds mom was Hermans daughter


Man vs. Man:The conflict of the story was Man vs. Man because hes having trouble getting to his dad by traveling and his heavy suitcase holding him back and how far he has to go to just find out if a famous man his his father.


Theme:The theme is Bud trying to find his dad and find out who he is by getting clues that his mother has left behind for him to find out who is father is.

Character Analysis

Protagonist:The protagonist is Bud Cadwell because he is the main character and hes just trying to solve something

Antagonist:There is more than one antagonists in this story because Mr.Cadwell is the one that doesnt like Bud because he thinks Bud is up to no good.The second antagonist is the Amos family because they didnt bring him love whatsoever

Interesting Facts

1.The "Hoover Dam" is completed

2.1 year later Amelia Earhart vanishes

3.The Spanish Civil War began

4.The "Titanic" had sank 24 years before this

5.1 year later the "Golden Gate Bridge" is complete

6.1 year later Japan invades China

7.3 years later the Helicopter is invented

8.3 years later World War 2 starts

9.3 years before,the "Loch Ness Monster" is first spotted

10.2 years before the "Cheeseburger" created

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