By: Melsa Jebbu

General Info

Wind is the sideways movement of air. Wind is also the horizontal movement of air from a high pressure to an area of lower pressure. Wind is caused by the unequal heating of the earth.

Local Winds

  • caused by unequal heating over small areas
  • 2 types of local winds; sea breezes and land breezes
  • sea breeze blows from sea to land
  • sea breeze happens during day
  • land breeze blows from land to sea
  • land breeze happens during evening/night

Pictures of local winds and global winds

Global Winds

All About Global Winds

  • caused by unequal heating over large areas
  • the way winds curve is called the Coriolis Effect
  • Major global wind belts
  • trade winds, polar easterlies, and prevailing westerlies
  • calm areas- doldrums, and horse latitudes

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