Lesson Plans

How to find and add lesson plans to the shared drive!

Finding the Shared Drive

1) Click start

2) Go to 'My Computer'

3) Click On S-drive (that is the shared drive!)

Where Your Lesson Plans Go

1) Open the shared drive (see above)

2) Click on BBE folder

3) Click on Lesson Plans

4) Click on appropriate grade level folder

5) Click on the folder with your name

How to Save Your Lesson Plans

Option 1:

1) Open your lesson plan document

2) Click FILE

3) Click SAVE AS

4) Go to the shared drive and click SAVE

Option 2:

1) Go to your lesson plan (unopened)

2) Right-click and COPY

3) Go to your lesson plan folder (see above)

4) Right click and PASTE

Your lesson plans will now be on the shared drive!!