science fiction

by : william sims

It is the best GENRE EVER

it has to do with the things you will not see in every day life like zombies, or a nuclear attack and your the only survior. it can be the coolest thing, well if you know how to ues it. it includes things that can not happen but, in a scientifc way.

who reads it and what can it do.

usually people think it is for nerdy people BUT wait even teachers in our school like for ex. Mr.Balldwin and Mr.fredricson. The science part of science fiction it has to do with zombies or things like mutations or science projects gone horribly wrong. on the other hand the fiction part has to do with something made up all out the side of your head. many people read it like other genres it just what is interesting to you. science fiction takes place in reality but later adding feasible explanations

top four examples