Fourth Grade News

November Update

Here's What We're Learning

Currently in math we are working on multiplication using skeletal arrays, area models, and ratio tables. Below you will find a video explaining how to do an area model.

In reading, we are focusing on using RACE to respond to short answer questions. We've been doing a lot of practice with how to restate the question in our answers and find text evidence.

We are also working on making inferences. Good readers make inferences while reading to improve their understanding of the story or text. An inference is when we understand things that the author does not tell us! We infer why things happen, why characters behave the way they do, and how characters are feeling. The reader creates images and inferences based on what the author does tell you and your own knowledge. This is one of the more difficult skills for students to grasp, and is also one of the largest components of reading tests.

Multiplying: using an area model | Multiplication and division | Arithmetic | Khan Academy

Caine's Arcade

Students should be hard at work on their arcade games for our Caine's Arcade. This is a STEAM challenge we do every year in fourth grade. Students create an arcade game out of cardboard and other found supplies. These should be returned to school on November 20th. We will set up our arcades and go around playing all of the different games on arcade day, November 25th. If you need help getting cardboard or supplies to complete this project, please contact your teacher. We are happy to try and help with supplies! Below is the video we showed our students to introduce this project.
Caine's Arcade

Upcoming Dates

November 2019

1st - Popcorn day ($0.25 at lunch recess)

7th - Family Skate Night at Pattison's West

8th - Book for a Buck

11th - NO SCHOOL Veteran's Day

12th - PTO Meeting (Endeavour Staff Lounge)

15th - Popcorn Day


21st - Puzzle Night at 6pm (more information coming soon)

22nd - Book for a Buck

25th - Arcade day

27th - EARLY RELEASE at noon (Thanksgiving)

28th-29th - NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving)


3rd - Portrait Night with Santa (More information coming soon)

5th - Skate Night at Pattison's West

6th - Book for a Buck

13th - Popcorn ($0.25 at lunch recess)

20th - EARLY RELEASE at noon

23rd-Jan 3rd - NO SCHOOL (Winter Break)