By: Katie and Kaitlyn


Name: Wil Frido

Age: 17

City from: Apartato

At Wilfrido's home, his parents were always fighting and they were very poor. Wilfrido's dad left his family when he was only seven. When his dad left his family got even poorer but there was no more fighting, and there was peace. Everyone had to stay off the streets for their safety, because there were wars in their neighborhood. Their environment was not safe. Wilfrido went to UNICEF meetings in the sports arena. He went through training courses to be part of The Return to Happiness program. Also, he attended multiple work shops to help with the Return to Happiness program. While he was at home he got a threatening phone call. The caller said, " You have to go, or we will have to kill you."He joined many clubs that were against war and fighting. They aimed for peace.

Something we where impressed by was that Wilfrido avoided peer pressure by not joining any gangs; Although his friends did. One question we would ask him if we could is, " If you could move to the United States would you take the offer?"

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