PA Library Weekly

Weeks of January 13, 2013

Excited for Google next week!

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The Public Library is still looking for book donations...

The local public library is holding a Bucks for Books Drive hoping to add current titles to their collection and encourage more teens to visit and use the library. Visit their teen blog here and see what titles they are requesting. You can buy the book yourself or donate the money to purchase it. Our students benefit from the public library and I think this would be a great way to give back to the community!
*Donations are tax deductible.


I would love to collaborate with you and your students!
Here are some things I can do for you:

  • Library instruction embedded in your research projects (Examples: credible sources, citations, finding a thesis, presentation tools, etc.)
  • Provide resources (pulling books, creating an online guide specific to your project)
  • Embedding technology into your current projects


  • Barb Saxe and I are discussing some great projects to support reading with the middle level students.
  • Fifth grade students are learning how the nonfiction collection is organized in the library.
Please see me or send me an email to discuss how I can support you and your students.

Tech Tip of the Week

Now that we've gone Google- check out YouTube linked to your school Google profile! There are many great educational videos to use in your class!

Coming soon...

  • PAML Reading Olympics
  • Digital Learning Day-February 5