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What Is Motivational Interviewing?

Are you wondering if training in Motivational Interviewing is a useful investment for you? Or do you need a "refresher" on Motivational Interviewing? If your Motivational Interviewing training was a long time ago, it might be time to review some of the introductory topics. In this 35-minute lecture, Kate Watson introduces some of the basic concepts of MI, and explains how to pursue more comprehensive training.

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Stages of Change

Do you work with people who are in the midst of a big change? The Stages of Change Model is a way of better understanding how ready your clients may be for a life change, and can guide practitioners toward the appropriate supportive tools. This 30-minute lecture covers an introduction to the Stages of Change model, but deeply explores how to best support clients who are pre-contemplative about change.

Empathy: A Cross-Disciplinary Guide

We use the term empathy quite a bit, but this 18-minute crash course challenges some of our pre-conceived notions about empathy. How do you know if you are truly empathic, and more importantly, how would your clients know?

What is Motivational Interviewing?

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Kate Watson

Kate Watson is the Owner of Watson Wellness Promotion. She offers workshops in Motivational Interviewing, Stages of Change, Understanding Trauma, Responding the Incidents of Sexual Assault, the Healthcare Response to Domestic Violence, and many other topics! Visit for more information!