Class of 2022 - Scheduling Recap

Choosing classes for junior year

Recap of the scheduling presentation in English class

Last week Mrs. Manuel and I were in your english classes to go over scheduling for junior year. In case you were absent or cannot remember what we went over, you can access the presentation HERE. If you need a course request sheet because you were absent or you lost yours, stop by the counseling office for a copy.

Here are the basics:

  • Make sure you can access your ICAP in your Google Drive.
  • Please make sure your 8th, 9th and 10th grade classes are filled in on your ICAP.
  • Start working on entering the classes you want to take for the remainder of high school in your ICAP sheet.
  • Make sure you are filling in the Resume tab on your ICAP to keep a record of your extra and co-curricular activities.
  • Juniors will take: English III, American Government, your next math and next science (Biology if you didn't take it this year and any other science if you did take biology this year. Talk with your science teacher!) as well as 3 electives to equal 7 total credits.
  • Course request forms MUST have a parent signature.
  • If you applied for SRTC or GO CAPS go ahead and put that on your request form. Make sure you have 3 alternate credits listed in the alternate courses box in case SRTC/GO CAPS doesn't work out.
  • Any SRTC and GO CAPS student will be required to attend their program on Fridays, even though AHS is moving to a 4 day school week.
  • If I do not get your course request form back, I will be creating your schedule for you!

As a reminder, if you have any classes that you failed this year, you will need to either attend summer school (this is the ideal choice) for credit recovery or else you WILL double up on those classes next year. Ex: you failed first semester of Algebra I - you can either attend summer school or you will have 2 math classes first semester of next year and will lose out on taking an elective class. Same goes for any core class that you didn't pass first semester. Please contact me if you have any questions about this.

Dual Credit Courses: Crowder College will be here on April 8th for enrollment for their courses. We will have information about enrolling with the other institutions sometime in April as well. Watch your email for more information.

Course request forms are due Friday, March 6th to the counseling office.