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What are Choice Boards?

Choice Boards are the ultimate tool for differentiating learning in the classroom! Students are given a variety of activities to choose from in order to demonstrate understanding of a topic or unit of study. By giving students choices, teachers will typically find that students are more engaged and will produce higher-quality products. Choice Boards are not new to the education world. Many of us used some sort of Choice Boards in paper format, but with all of the technology tools currently available in the classroom, why not move from the paper format to the digital format?

What do Choice Boards look like? They are graphic organizers often found in one of the following formats:

  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • List of Activities
  • Bingo Board
  • Restaurant Style Menu
  • Columns of Choices
  • Branching Google Slide Show

Oh, and one last thing. Choice Boards are not just for students! Administrators are using Choice Boards to give their staff the ability to choose options during Professional Development sessions, staff meetings, summer learning, etc.


Some of the examples listed will force you to Make a Copy or Use Template to add it to your Google Drive. If the example is set to View Only, you will need to go to File and select Make a Copy. Please do not Request Access to the example.

Science Examples

What Lives Underground (File, Make a Copy) by Donna Indrakumaran (@fdk_donnaindra)

Mitosis Tic-Tac-Toe by Jennifer Hencken (@jenhencken)

Interacting with the Environment (File, Make a Copy) by Lori Hartman

Air Flowing Through the Lungs by Amy Moffatt (@moffatt_teach)

Earth Science (File, Make a Copy) by Alena Ellerbee (@alena_ellerbee)

Science Tic Tech Toe Board 1 (File, Make a Copy) by Misty Whitworth & Julie Lyle, Argyle ISD

Science Tic Tech Toe Board 2 (File, Make a Copy) by Misty Whitworth & Julie Lyle, Argyle ISD

Learning Menu - Plastic Challenge by Arjana Blazic

Weather Tik Tak Toe Choice Board by Beth Weeks

Math Examples

Rational and Irrational Numbers (Algebra I) (File, Make a Copy) by Joshua Schmidt

Linear Equations (8th) (File, Make a Copy) by Joshua Schmidt

5th Grade Choice Boards by Cathy Duffy

Quadratics Review Menu in Google Slides (File, Make a Copy) by Caitlin Carmody

3 Math Choice Boards from Teacher Vision

Grades 6-7, Multiple Boards (File, Make a Copy) by Chelsea McClellan

K-5 Choice Boards (File, Make a Copy) by Laura Rogers

1st Grade Math by Beth Weeks

ELA Examples

February Choice Boards by Shannon McClintock Miller

The Outsiders (File, Make a Copy) from Golden Valley Unified School District

Fiction - Middle School (File, Make a Copy) by Melissa Trevitt

A Midsummer's Night Dream (File, Make a Copy) by Dalal Mansour

King Lear Choice Board (File, Make a Copy) by Danna Pearsall

Read the Day Away iPad Activities (File, Make a Copy) by Laurie Guyon (@smilelearning)

About Me by Kara Lamb

Reading Response Choice Board by Joli Boucher

Literary Nonfiction Choice Board (File, Make a Copy) by Missy McCartney

Persuasive Speeches (File, Make a Copy) by Missy McCartney

Book Trailer Choice Board by Brenham ISD Tech Team

Words Their Way – Choice Board

Vocabulary Word Study by Chris Hellums

Student Choice Bio Book Project

Reading Tik Tak Toe by Melissa Cantu De La Pena

November Above and Beyond by Amy Yeary

Social Studies Examples

The 2021 Inauguration by Torrey Trust (@torreytrust)

The First 100 Days (2021) by Torrey Trust (@torreytrust)

Civil War Choice Board

World War II Through Film by Mrs. Byars (@mrsbyarshistory)

Texas Citizenship Choice Board by Peggy Reimers (@preimers)

Leading Figures of the Renaissance (File, Make a Copy)

Historical Writers Choice Board (in ThingLink) by Christi Collins

Industrial Age (File, Make a Copy)

Abolitionists (File, Make a Copy) taken from a presentation by Chris Miraglia, (@MrMiraglia1)

Revolution Cafe'

Administrator/PD Examples

Introduction to Windows 10 using the Elevator Tower template by Amy Knellar (@adknellar)

Holiday Break Choice Board (File, Make a Copy) by Dr. Torrey Trust (@torreytrust)

Choose Your Own Adventure for Fine Arts PD by Casey Hall and the Georgia Dept. of Education (@mrhallpass)

Coaching Choice Board by Pam Hubler (@specialtechie)

Summer Learning PD by Natalie Davis

Blog post about Summer PD Choice Boards by Laura Cahill (@LauraAnnCahill)

Presentation Choice Board (File, Make a Copy) by Laurie Guyon (@smilelearning)

Nearpod PD (File, Make a Copy) by Janet Corder & Angie Bakke (@corderj & @angiebakke)

EdTech Choice Board by Ernest Gonzales

PD BINGO: Voice and Choice in Professional Development by Bubble Up Classroom (@coreythornblad and @libraryms)

Choice Boards for Teacher PD by Amy Banas

DIY PD Bingo Board by Nicole Gabany & Nicole Greene

Tic-Tac-Toe Your Way to Teacher Choice: A New Model for PD by Debra Campbell & Michael McDonough

Choice Boards for Teachers by Stella Pollard (@Stella_Pollard)

Best Practice Group Choice Board (File, Make a Copy) by Nick Donato

Podcast PD Choice Board for Teachers by Kasey Bell (@ShakeUpLearning)

Personalize Your Summer PD by Genevieve Pacada (@PacadaVision)

Game of Tech by Janet Corder (@corderj)

Super Tech (iPads) (File, Make a Copy) by Janet Corder (@corderj)

Collections of Choice Boards in Multiple Content Areas

Other Examples

Star Wars Day by Jess Longthorne

Computer Science Choice Board (File, Make a Copy) by Christine Dixon (@christinekdixon)

Outdoor Virtual Classrooms by Green Teacher

Halloween Hyperdoc by Tonya Nugent

Digital Escape Room Choice Board by Karly Moura


Digital Choice Board Template Corkboard & Blackboard by Hello Teacher Lady

Throw the Dice Choice Template by Amanda Sandoval (@historysandoval)

19 Choice Board Templates by Laura Cahill (@LauraAnnCahill)

Choice Board Templates (File, Make a Copy) by Erin Flanagan (@Erintegration)

Emergency Sub Plans (File, Make a Copy) by Amanda Sandoval (@historysandoval)

Tic-Tac-Toe (File, Make a Copy) by Amanda Sandoval (@historysandoval)

Game Board (File, Make a Copy) by Amanda Sandoval (@historysandoval)

Tic-Tac-Toe by Kasey Bell (@ShakeUpLearning)

Digital Menu for Student Creation by Tom Spall (@Tommyspall)

Show What You Know by Derek Tangredi (@dtangred)

Choice Board Template by Nick LaFave (@NFLaFave)

Show What You Know by Amanda Sandoval (@historysandoval)

Fortnite Digital Menu for Student Creation by Tom Spall (@Tommyspall)

Show What You Know Bingo (File, Make a Copy) by Lisa Highfill (@lhighfill)

Show What You Know Bingo Digital Storytelling (File, Make a Copy) by Lisa Highfill (@lhighfill)

Express Yourself (File, Make a Copy) by Lisa Highfill (@lhighfill)

Show What You Know Screencasting File, Make a Copy) by Lisa Highfill (@lhighfill)

Tic Tac Techo by J2 Training (@corderj & @joangore)

Choice Boards for Student Mastery by MaryEllen West (@maryelenderwest)


How are teachers assessing student work when using Choice Boards?

Students can:
  • upload work into Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas, etc.
  • record audio responses directly onto a Padlet Wall or Flipgrid
  • fill out a Google Form Exit Ticket
  • complete a Socrative, Quizizz, Gimkit or Kahoot quiz
  • record a short video/screencast explaining their process and/or product
  • screenshot their work and send it to the teacher

Creating a Choice Board in Google Slides

Click here to access directions for creating a choice board in Google Slides. Creating a choice board in PowerPoint is very similar to these directions.

Bitmoji Classrooms

Bitmoji Classrooms are being used to creatively teach lessons and give students a choice in how to learn content, select reading materials, videos, etc.


SEL Room with Books by Julia Cook by Cami Duval

Dinosaurs by Cammie Duval

Fairy Tales by Cammie Duval

Kindergarten Bitmoji Classroom by Nora Freeman

Collection of Language Teachers Choice Boards

Virtual Field Trips by Carla Advincura

Middle School Science by Gretchen Coe

Summer Spanish (File, Make a Copy) by Kelley Armstrong

Virtual Manipulatives Shelf (File, Make a Copy) by Faith Morrow


Bitmoji Classrooms Slide Deck by Lisa Mazariego

How to Create a Bitmoji Classroom with PowerPoint by Krystal L Smith

Using Bitmoji Interactive Google Classrooms in Speech Language Therapy by Natalie Snyders

15 Awesome Virtual Bitmoji Classroom Ideas by Amie of Glitter Meets Glue

Bitmoji Classroom Scenes & Virtual Classroom Backgrounds by Erin Flanagan

Collection of Editable Slides by Rebecca Hambright

Interactive Classrooms with Bitmoji by Sharing Kindergarten

Collection of Classroom Furniture for Bitmoji Classrooms by Morgan Slovak-Hickerson

Virtual Classroom Resources by Jillian Gerra

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