Caterham 7

The history of Caterham 7

Mr. Ryan Harrison

This is the history of Caterham 7.

The Caterham 160

The Caterham 160 is the fist of the generation of Caterham 7 cars. This car is retailed at 15,000 Pounds Sterling and has an 80 BHP engine. Its retail seat is blue and contains 2 seats.
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The Caterham Roadsport

This is the second car in the generation and has several added features such as a higher powered engine at 125-175 BHP, a heater, and better suspension.
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The Caterham Superlight

This is the 3rd generation in the Caterham 7 series. This car has a top speed of 150 mph and goes from 0-60 MPH in 2.88 seconds.
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The Caterham CSR

This car is the 4th in the generation of successful Caterhams. This car contains a 2 liter 200-260 BHP engine with a top speed of 255 MPH.
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The Caterham X330

This is the 50th anniversary for the Caterham 7 series and they have created a concept car called the X330.
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The 2014 620 R

This here is the latest car in the generation, and look how far the Caterham 7 has come. This car has 310 fully revved BHP, as well as 0-60 MPH in only 2.79 seconds. This fabulous car can also travel at a maximum speed of 150 MPH and for a fee of just short of 50,000 Pounds Sterling.
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