Run Like The Wind

Lolo Jones/Lori Jones

This lady?!!

Do u love to run? Well this lady is super duper fast!!!! She's amazing her name is LOLO JONES!! Her really name is Lori jones but we call her lolo. She runs faster than a bolt. Or at least she is or can be.Read to see what she does and what she did to become that and other cool facts!!!

Her Beginning

Lolo jones is from lowa born on August 5, 1982 lolo jones was raised with a mom and three brothers and one sister!!! Lolo jones moved alotttt!!!! Some say she lived in a basement some of her life... Since lolo jones moved a lot she went to a lot of schools but she went to Roosevelt high school and made her love of track!!!!!! That's how it all started....


Lolo jones her in Louisiana State University she did Hurdels in 2002 NCCA track and field championship and was part of a runner up team for 100 meter relay event. And in 2005 lolo completed to studies and herself entirely to her track carrier. she and came first in the Torino Memorial!!!! To.
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in 2011 she suffered a spinal injury. it began after she tripped over a hurdle during 100 m event in the BeijingOlympics.afterward in 2012 in Londan Olympics placing fourth in 100 m hurdle final............... ....... I think lolo need to get better and healthier. so those things mean she couldn't do things well or get in second or first place. but she tried really hard!!!!!!!
Lolo Jones Gets Her Shot at Redemption: Road to London
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Is she married???? And does she have kids????

The question to this is NO lolo jones does not have any kids and is not married and to the coculation she does not have a boy friend or a husband to that fact lolo is a VIRGAN........... If I was her then since she does not want a husband ect. She wants to live her life as a track star than that other stuff.....
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Is she a winner?

When she had surgery and competed in the Olympic Games in 2012 were she was fourth in the -100 meter hurdle she went on to participate in the 2014 winter as she finished in 11th place. The reason she was in these lower places was her surgery and she couldn't really do well...... Br she sure did try her best and do well and soon she would be back on her feet winning!!!!

Dancing with the stars..... What how can she be on dancing with the stars?????

Lolo jones humiliatingly voted off for the first week.....................l lolo jones was on dancing with the stars for a while. During lolo joneses dance she messed up and got really ambarrissed about it. She had flashbacks of three Olympics and that people tease her about. And her and her dance partner were hesitated!!!
Lolo Jones & Keoikantse Motsepe - Cha Cha Cha - Dancing with the Stars Season 19 - Week 1
DWTS Season 19 Week 1 : Lolo Jones & Keo - Cha Cha - Dancing With The Stars 2014 9 15 14 FULL HD

Thank you for reading

Thank you for reading about lolo jones and about her life. Hope u know learned about lolo and hopeing one day u guys could be a star like her!!!!
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About the author

Arieana loves hanging out with her friends and family. She loves reading and writing too. The reasons she wrote this was because she likes to run and wants to be like Lolo Jones when she grows up. Thank you for reading!
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