Social (schools/ social classes)

The south African schools and social classes during the apartheid are completely different from the schools and social classes we see today .Blacks and whites were segregated to sperate schools .These school are poorly funded ,and they were porly equip .The Africans got the worst land . While the whites got the fertile land. In some building up to 300 Africans share a single bath room .

Economy (food/ jobs)

During the apartheid the economy shifts between good and bad . Africa's economy was at its best when Manuela was in power . Mandela was working to westernize the country .When he was jailed the economy was destroyed . Africans couldn't even work in government positions . Most Africans lived in poverty ,with very little food or clean water .

Today South Africa is a racially diverse nation who is trading and functioning like any other developed nation.

Under apartheid Nelson Mandela fought against the unfair laws of the apartheid.
Nelson mandela could fight against these unfair laws since he has been released
from prison.Nelson mandela also became the first black president by people voting
for him.Nelson mandela won by 72% of the votes and that is how he became presidentof South Africa.

During the apartheid rights for black people were practically non existent. There was a state of what looked like marshall law. Officers could arrest black people for no real reason and get away with it.Meanwhile whites were treated in a very humane fashion whites could receive fair trials and get reduced sentences.The form of blatant racism is far worse than the civil rights movement in America.This is not to say that the struggle for equal rights in America was easy, but this just shows how strong the racism was in South Africa.