Weekly Warrior

Volume 10 Issue 11 October 30th, 2017

Important Dates

Oct 30th-Attendance Celebration during 4th Block

Nov 2nd-1st/3rd/5th Block Final Exams

Nov 3rd-December ACT Registration Deadline

Nov 3rd-2nd & 4th Block Final Exams

Nov 6th-Growth Day-No School for Students

Nov 7th-Trimester 2 Begins

Nov 9th-ASVAB for Students who Signed Up in Guidance

Nov 15th-Faculty Meeting

Nov 16th-Clubs-8:20 - 8:40-Students Without a Club Remain in 1st

Nov 16th-Senior Send Off (Gear Up)

Nov 21st-EGAT Day

Nov 22nd-24th-No School-Thanksgiving Break

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Mock ACT Scores

Our juniors took a mock ACT on October 17th and their scores are now available within the CERT program. CERT is short for College Equipped Readiness Tool and students can login and work to improve their ACT score. The % of students meeting benchmark in each area for the tested students can be found below:
Login instructions for CERT:

Students use their school email (firstname.lastname@stu.pulaski.kyschools.us) as their username and either swhs or warriors as their password. If you have students who were absent for the mock ACT, please ask them to login and complete the test online. They can take the entire test in one session or each part separately. Students have access to Exam Room and Study Hall once they login.

Exam Room:

This tab allows students to go back and look specifically at their responses to questions on the test. There is a video explanation of the question and what the correct answer should be. When reviewing, students should use the feedback column. After hearing an explanation to an incorrect question, if a student feels they would get that type of question right in the future, they should select the checkmark and if they still feel like they would miss it, they should select the x. After they finish reviewing the exam section, they will get an adjusted score based on the questions they would get right. This might help students realize that they just need to answer a few more questions correctly to raise their score enough to make a big difference.

Study Hall:

This tab allows students to review based on the topic of their choice. If you have just covered a specific topic in class and want the kids to have more practice, this might be a good option.


In order to have access to the scores and work your students do inside CERT, you must first create a group and enroll the students you want to keep up with into it. Once you login, look for Groups over on the left and select Create New. Name the group, enroll the students you wish to enroll, and be sure to select both Review Details and Create Group (2 clicks). Teachers login using their email address for their username and warriors as a password.

Google Classroom Tip--Schedule Your Posts & Assignments

Teachers have the ability to select the date and time for a post to be published for the entire class. Students will only see the post when it is published. Since you can edit drafted posts, you can upload weeks of assignments and class work in advance and edit it as you go. You can only schedule a post for one class at a time, but you can reuse the same post for other classes and schedule them to post at the intended time and date.
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Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.