Susanne Winnacker

What I liked about the book

I liked how the book explained more about Able's Army and how it effect Tessa. She finds out more about her past and about herself. I like how the mystery of Holly was made. It gave the book another element and through the mystery we get to learn more about the characters. There are two main conflicts in the story. The first one is in Tessa's head and she is still struggling with her past and present. The second conflict is the mission she goes on in this book. She is trying to find her best friend and find out more about Able's Army. With those two conflicts, it makes the story have many layers that are exciting to unfold.

What I did not like about the book

I did not like how it ended because I want to know more. It feels like there should be another book, but I do not think there is one sadly. I also did not like how the relationship between Tessa and Alec could not happen. I wanted them to be together, but more secrets get unveiled and it does not work out. The only character I did not like was Alec. I can never really tell if he loved Tessa and he just seems panicked. I know it's because of his Variant, but still...he is not my favorite character. Also the story moved a little too fast for me. There were some transitions that were a little too quick for me. I think part of that is that some of the book was in her mind and I guess the transitions happened when we were in her head.

Favorite Quote

"I was pretty sure Kate would be on a similar quest soon—not to kill me, but she would certainly make my life hell." - Defector

Would I recommend it

Yes I would recommend it, I suggest that people read the first book before this one because it is good to have the background information. I like this book a little better than the first one because it keeps the story flowing and interesting. This is a great story and I enjoyed it. It has mystery, love, and many decision making.
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