The Revolution


Poverty in is one of the major issues that is occuring in Kenya, still to this day. Kenya has a population of 41,070,900. Half of this population live below the poverty line, and 40% are unemployed. That leaves 10% of the people living the good life which many desire so greatly . The other 90% are suffering every single day. Children, mothers, and the elderly are most  susceptible to hunger-related illnesses and even death. If I don't act fast more and more people will die. My revolution will be swift and quick so poverty will be no more.

Future Generations

Wednesday, Feb. 5th, 9pm


My hopes after this revolution are that poverty will come to an end. Too long have these people suffered from dehydration, starvation, and not having a home. If this revolution is succesful, hopefully most people will be employed and can afford food to feed themsleves and their families. Most of all I hope everyone will come as one, and the country will be able to thrive.