Redefining Beauty

by: Alexis Ayala

What is Beauty?

We all think beauty is just what we see on a persons face but its not, its whats inside that counts appearance is something really think about more than twice. The human body is a miraculous construction it switches its form when we eat. Its constantly moving even though you the human is just sitting in the couch doing nothing. The appearance of someone is what constantly catches the eye and makes someone fall for an individual.

The Emotions we feel when we meet someone very pretty is just so fascinating blood rises, heart pounding rapidly, and we sweat and choke when we speak to someone very pretty.

"Beauty is what you feel in the inside, and it reflects in your eyes it is not something physical"- Sophia Loren

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What isn't beauty?

-A pretty face is not beauty

-A good body is not beauty

-Being to skinny is not beauty

Basically any one trying so hard to be pretty is not. Like a big girl wearing all this make-up to get attention is not pretty. It just get people saying things behind your back and trying to fit in to a "wanna be" pretty girl group is not beauty. Basically again anything you do that your forcing your self to become something your not is not beauty. Getting plastic surgery is not pretty is just a waste of huge amount of money that your spending on looking really ugly. Beauty is natural and also it comes inside some people are born with a gift of natural beauty but, don't force yourself.

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