Unbalanced and Balanced Force

Differences Between Two Froces

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

The meaning behind a balanced force is when an object is not moving a bit. Like a chair, it is balanced because it does not move. When an object moves that is called an unbalanced force. It is unbalanced because it moves all over the place when someone pushes it, sits in it and moves up. All sorts of things. It applies to other objects too, not just a chair.

Unbalaned Force


A seesaw is an unbalanced force because it is is not balanced by an equal force. The seesaw has a stand in the middle that holds it up. Since there is only one of these stands there is not a balanced force so it makes the seesaw a unbalanced force.


A pulley is also a unbalanced force because it moves things. For example a movable pulley moves with the object so both the object and the pulley are a unbalanced force. This also goes with any other type of pulley because of the fact that the pulley moves.


Wind is an unbalanced force because it moves everything. It doesn't just move itself. It moves itself because it it doesn't move itself it won't move other things. It is an unbalanced force because it moves plants, hair, etc. It makes everything else move itself. It moves one thing and that thing carries the force to other things and it repeats.

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Balanced Forces


A table is a balanced force because it has a force that equals the same because there are four legs ton the table that stabilize it to have equal amounts of force. Therefore the table is a balanced force.


This photo shows two people pushing a box with the same amount of force. Since there is the same amount of force applied to each side there is equal force on the box which therefore makes it a balanced force.


This is a photo of tug-of-war. This photo is a balanced force. Reason (s) being that there are the same amount of people on each side of the rope. Three and three. Since there are the same amount of people there is most likely the same amount of force applied. In this case tug-of-war is a balanced force.

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