Grade 2 News

Newsletter #2: How we Organize Ourselves

UOI 4: How we Organize Ourselves

How We Organize Ourselves

Central Idea:

We make economic choices to satisfy our needs and wants

Key Concepts:

Responsibility, Causation, Connection

Related Concepts:

Consequences, Economy, Cause and Effect, Scarcity, Producers, Consumers, Technology, Money

Lines of Inquiry

§ (Responsibility) Responsible economic decision making

§ (Causation) Markets made up of Producers and Consumers

§ (Connection)? How technology influences the economy

My, Oh, My, we have been busy!!

Math- Money and Graphing

Students are exploring money and values as well as graphing data. Students have learned the difference between value and amount (I might have 1 quarter but I have $.25) Here are a few more things that we have mastered so far:
  • Creating picture graphs and bar graphs
  • adding and subtracting money values and amounts
  • solving word problems involving money
  • Developing questions about a set of data

We are continuing to work with:

  • Solving word problems when comparing information on graphs.
  • Adding and subtracting larger money amounts
  • Estimating and measuring length with standard and non standard units of measurment

English Language Arts

Students have explored:

  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Using text features to better understand a text
  • Writing to the prompt: If I had $100.....

Students will continue to work on:

  • Asking and answering questions like How, What, Why, Who, Where, When when they are reading a text.
  • Exploring how our money choices impact us through writing about our experiences
  • Editing our writing from : If I had $100... and creating a classroom book!

Science: Solids and Liquids

Students have almost finished everything in our Solids and Liquids unit of study. Students have been exploring foods and goods and classifying them as solids liquids and using words to describe them. We will continue learning:
  • What happens to cause matter to change states
  • What can be cooled to cause a change in matter
  • What can be heated to cause a change in matter
  • Is all change in matter reversible?

What to expect next......

Important dates coming up:

  • Discovery Day (March 15) Invite your friends!
  • Student led conferences (March 27-29) Sign up sheet will be released soon
  • Report Cards published to Managebac (March 31)
  • Spring Break (April 3-14)
  • Maps testing Session Begins (April 24)