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2nd Six Weeks Newsletter


What an outstanding start to the school year! Growth mindset and GRIT are evident across the district. Thank you so much to our instructional leaders for modeling a growth mindset for our students and for your commitment to continuous improvement! We have been blown away by the amount of evidence that we have observed supporting district-wide implementation of Thinking Maps. There is no doubt that we are creating a culture of critical thinking in White Settlement ISD...WAY TO GO!!! We are also seeing evidence of Workshop Model and Fundamental Five; we will continue to focus specifically on critical writing. Keep up the hard work and continue to equip our students with tools for success and continue to raise the bar! "Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle." Napoleon Hill

WSISD Problem of Practice: Critical Thinking Through Critical Writing Across the Curriculum

As we move into the second six weeks of school, we will continue with our instructional rounds process at each campus to examine our district-wide problem of practice.

Instructional Rounds is a four step process that includes:

1.) Identifying a problem of practice

2.) Observing

3.) Debriefing

4.) Focusing on the next level of work

The key behind instructional rounds is that EVERYONE involved is working on their practice and learning; it is as much about the leaders learning as the teachers being observed. Rounds address the gap between professional development and our ability to implement the knowledge and skills offered in PD. During the observation, we will be looking for evidence of critical thinking through critical writing across the curriculum by examining student products and tasks. During the debrief we will identify patterns and trends that support or work against the problem of practice, and then we will brainstorm our next level of work as a district, based off of the evidence collected. Rounds will ensure that we are providing appropriate and on-going professional growth opportunities to increase student achievement.

What Does Evidence of Critical Writing Look Like???

Write From the Beginning & Beyond K-8 GOALS FOR EXPOSITORY WRITING

Professional Growth Opportunities for Instructional Leaders

Upcoming "Just in Time" Trainings

October 26th-Mock Lesson on Division for 2nd-7th Math Teachers

October 29th-Guided Reading K-2: Planning Level-Specific Instruction for Before, During, and After Reading

November 3rd-GT Nature and Needs Series:Cognitive Traits of GT Students

November 10th-Incorporating Science Processing Standards

November 12th-Talk, Read, Talk, Write for Secondary Teachers

November 16th-From Interactive Notebooking to Critical Writing for 3rd-8th Science Teachers

November 18th-Talk, Read, Talk, Write for Elementary Teachers

November 30th- Designing Guided Reading: A Framework for Guided Reading Lessons 3rd & 4th Teachers

December 1st-Frame of Reference for K-2 Teachers

December 15th-Guided Reading Responding to Literature for 3rd & 4th Teachers

Just In Time Training Calendar