After Testing Brain Breaks

April 2018


Testing can be stressful for everyone. We would like to help by providing some tech-related brain breaks each day after testing sessions.

The activities will have links and it will be up to you how to use them. Some may be best whole-class using projectors while others can be used individually or whole-class.

Whatever you choose, we are sure your students will thank you!

Day 7

A Cultural Experience

Out of field trip money for the year? Visit a virtual museum instead! Google has collected over 2000 museums to us explore. Start with the top ten, or search for something more specific. We guarantee there is something here to indulge the curiosity of all learners. Enjoy!


Imagine you have been taken from your usual surroundings and dropped in an unfamiliar place. Without asking the other humans around you, how will you figure out your location to escape your captors? Play the street game Persued by installing the Chrome Extension and enabling Adobe Flash. #criticalthinking

Day 6

SmartyPins with Google Maps

SmartyPins is an interactive game for the whole class or collaborative groups.

Start a new game or select a category. Google will provide you with a pin within 1000 miles of a specific landmark. Use your noodle and your search skills to solve. Then drag the pin to the closest location and submit! Bonus points awarded for fastest answers!

Play SmartyPins with Google today. How far can you go before you run out of miles?

Free Curriculum Activities for Middle and High

What is Applied Digital Skills?

Applied Digital Skills is a free curriculum where learners practice life and job skills while building creative projects using G Suite for Education. The project-based curriculum has been designed for middle school and high school learners as well as adults who want to learn digital skills in a blended learning environment.

The curriculum includes more than 90 hours worth of curriculum. Applied Digital Skills teaches a digital literacy, real-life and job skills, along with exploring technology topics.

Day 5

Future Self

Write a letter to your future self with and then open it at a future date. Why write to your future self? Check progress on your goals, assess your expectations, and maybe even have a few a-ha moments! There are no restrictions on how far you out to project your letter - you can write to your future self -1 year, 3 years, or 5 years from now!

No computers? No problem! This could easily become a worthy paper-pencil activity.

Undulate the Vertebrate!

For some of you, Day 5 is last day of GMAS... Go ahead, CELEBRATE with the Blazer Fresh gang! Get moving and celebrate your best efforts :)

It's ok, the rest of the grade levels will join you when they finish!

Day 4

Virtual Reality

Discovery Education offers a variety of free VR Videos of endangered species in their natural habitats. Hang out with a heard of elephants who find the VR cameras quite interesting!

If you like what you see, check out Virtual Class Pets, Shark Week, and Telescope at Discovery Now.

* Appropriate for all ages, enjoy!

Day 3

Relax & Recharge

Friday is Day 3 and everyone has earned a bit of time to relax, recharge, and rest the eyes. Listening to podcasts gives us the benefit of a good story or focus without the screen time. Sit back, relax and enjoy one or more of the selections below. No headphones? No problem! Dim the lights and listen as a class.

Focus and relax with, Meditation for Kids 4 minutes, all ages

Listen to a Chinese folktale, The Stone Cutter - 12 minutes, the younger crowd

Select a science topic at Tumble Science - less than 20 minutes, tweens & teens

Get started with NPR's Wow in the World - 30 minutes, tweens & teens

*Listen first! Since these are free, you may wish to skip the opening advertisements

*Check out this list of recommended podcasts from Common Sense Media

Day 2

Travel the World

Take your students on a trip anywhere in the world using Google Earth. Use the provided link, launch Google Earth, and then use the Search feature to begin your travels. Students will be amazed as you zoom into your designations. Pack your bags after testing and enjoy your travels using Google Earth.

*Test your device prior to use with students!

**Appropriate for all grade levels.

Day 1

Do the Dab

Take your students to Go Noodle and learn the Dab from Blazer Fresh.

*For the younger crowd!

Canyon Swing

Take your students on a 360 experience with YouTube. Go with the guys as they stand on the edge of a 400-foot canyon and fly through the air.

* For the older crowd!

** Teachers - if using whole-group, be sure to move your mouse around while projecting to get the full 360 effect!

Love My School Day

April 11th is Love My School Day!

Share the awesomeness of your school with the world! In your post, use the hashtags #LoveMySchool #SCCPSS and your school hashtag to spread good news about the teachers, students, and learning experiences in your school. Learn about the grassroots project here