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Issue 5: March 1, 2019

Xello - Computer Program - Thinking about the future

6th Grade Students have been working on the beginnings of what is called Individual Plans of Study (IPS) which the state of Kansas requires all students to complete by the end of their senior year in high school. To start this process we use the computer program, Xello which allows students to learn more about themselves, explore jobs and plan for the future. We did the very first portion in science classes where they took something called the matchmaker - A series of questions are asked and at the end there are jobs shown that fit their answers. If you are interested in exploring the web-site with your child there is more info below -


User Name - 475-Student ID Number (If your child doesn't know what this is we tell them it's the number they use at lunch)

Password - Nearly all students have changed it to their school computer password. (If your child has forgotten their password please contact Mr. Frint at 785-717-4447 and he can change it.)

We will continue our Xello exploration more next school year as 6th grade just gets a taste of the job exploration. If you have questions about the program or want to learn more about it please contact Mr. Frint.

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Electives for next school year

In the below attachment you will see the course catalog for elective classes offered next school year. Students were given this course catalog in science class during the last week in February to review ahead of time. Mr. Frint will be in science classes for students to rank order their choices starting Monday, March 4th. We do not promise the students their top choice but we try to give them at least one class in their top 3.

If your child would like to leave band or orchestra for next school year please either contact Mr. Frint or send a note with your child. Your child automatically gets enrolled back in band and/or orchestra if there is no contact made. We encourage you to make contact before the end of the year if the plan is to to drop the course(s), if you do not your child likely will not get their top elective choices due to those classes already being full.

If your child would like to join band or orchestra next school year please either contact Mr. Frint or send a not with your child. Please know that it is a year long course and they are required to take a semester of PE so they will only receive one other elective course for the entire year with this decision.

If you have questions about the course catalog please contact Mr. Frint.

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Counselor Corner with Frint

Noticing your child changing a lot lately? In the hallways I have noticed some romances budding, 4th 6 weeks attention to academics was definitely not at its peak and unfortunate smells of body odor could be smelled in classrooms and the hallway...yes hormones and puberty are here! Talking to some families they have shared their child does not like to share their "private lives" and only want to hang out in their rooms, with friends away from home or on their technology. I call all of these changes, "they are becoming 7th graders."

The 7th grade year is another drastic change as students have even more pressures due to participating in athletics but also differences in social groups. While the kids are yearning for more freedom they are still in need of assistance. I encourage you to continue planning family events and talking to them about their "private lives" even when they do not want to. If your child is struggling opening up I'd suggest one of two things - 1. When talking to them avoid "yes/no" questions but trying phrasing things that include the words "What, how or why." (It's an old counseling trick.) By using those key words it often forces the students to say more. 2. Students are really hooked on technology, if they won't open up face to face try meeting them on their technology devices. It's not ideal but at least they are talking to you.

Also another uncomfortable conversation is ensuring kids are bathing daily, putting on/using clean clothes, bath towels and bedding and also using deodorant. It is not a fun conversation as many of us have had to have it but I would encourage having it because no one likes to be known as the smelly person.

The major skill I am working with the students on is empathy and treating other people how you wish to be treated. Sadly, the world is a mean place but we don't have to be a part of that negativity. There always seems to a rumor or someone who likes to stir the pot but if we all make the commitment trying to being nicer. We are trying to work through a lot of negativity right now so talking to your children about what is going on at school would be extremely helpful. If they tell you something the school needs to know please reach out to their teachers and JCMS building staff.

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Online Safety

Below is a helpful resource that educates about online safety. It breaks down different games, apps, and websites that kids are using and potential risks for parents to look for.

If you click on each of the topics, you can then click on “download guide” for a visual. It is a great resource for us, as adults, too!


Goal Met!

The Administrative team made a goal to reduce the Level 2 and 3 referrals by 10% from 3rd to 4th 6-weeks. We made our goal! The level of behaviors reduced by 33%. Thank you for any/all of your support in talking with your child and encouraging them to make positive choices at school.

Below is our school-wide behavior data; comparing the growth from last six weeks to the 3rd six weeks:

4th 6-weeks

  • 6th Grade: (Level 2) = 43 and (Level 3) = 13
  • 7th Grade: (Level 2) = 51 and (Level 3) = 13
  • 8th Grade: (Level 2) = 45 and (Level 3) = 12
  • TOTAL: 177

3rd 6-weeks

  • 6th Grade: (Level 2) = 109 and (Level 3) = 15
  • 7th Grade: (Level 2) = 91 and (Level 3) = 7
  • 8th Grade: (Level 2) = 37 and (Level 3) = 5
  • TOTAL: 267

We have extended the same goal for this upcoming grading period. We love to see the improvement!

Important Dates coming up in March

Monday, March 4th - Picking electives for 7th grade in science for Team 1, Orchestra Concert @ 7:00PM

Tuesday, March 5th - Picking electives for 7th grade in science for Team 2, Vocal Music Concert @ 7:00PM

Wednesday, March 6th - Picking electives for 7th grade in science for Team 3, Student-led Conferences 3:30PM-7:30PM

Thursday, March 7th - Makeup elective choices, Band Concert @ 7:00PM

Friday, March 8th - Sunday, March 17th - SPRING BREAK

Sunday, March 10 - Daylight Savings Time Begins (move your clocks forward one hour)