Winter Break is Almost Here!

Friday, December 20th

CELEBRATE: Winter Break

  • ONE MORE DAY: Once you complete today's assignment, it will be time for a well-deserved break!
  • PLEASE READ all of the important information in this announcement.
  • NCVPS will observe Winter Break from December 21 until January 1, 2014. Rest, relax and enjoy being with your family and friends!
  • However, please be aware that classes resume on January 2nd and you have a quiz and assignment due on January 3rd - even if your home school does not resume until January 6th.
  • Due dates are posted in your Module - please review for more detail.

INFORM: Due Today: Assignment - Language Toys

Friday, 12/20: Module 8 Assignment: Language Toys. This assignment will take some time - so plan ahead and put in the required effort!
  • Find a toy that would be appropriate for the following stages of infancy:
    1) birth to 3 months
    2) 4-6 months
    3) 7-12 months
    4) 13-18 months
  • In a document (Word or PowerPoint), place an image of the toy with under the appropriate age heading, and write a caption explaining why that toy would be appropriate for the age group and how it teachs language skills.
  • Make sure to use information in the websites to back up your choices.
  • Your captions should be 75-100 words. Remember you need 4 pictures and 4 captions! TOTAL: 300 - 400 words!!!!

Links to the referenced urls can be found below.

AP Psychology Midterm Exam

Wednesday, Jan. 15th 2014 at 7am

This is an online event.

The Midterm Exam for your AP Psychology class is scheduled for January 15, 2014. The exam will open at 7am and will close at 11:55pm.

  • This multiple choice exam will be cumulative - and will cover Modules 1 through 8.
  • It will count as the first test grade of the third grading period and will have the same weight as other MC tests.
  • You should be reviewing the vocabulary wikis, quizzes, and tests from all modules, as well as taking the practice tests and quizzes available on the Textbook companion site. The links to those sites can be found below.

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