Commercial diver

Job Description

Divers perform underwater activites related to construction, salvage repair, research, and rescue. they use specialalized equipment for different jobs so they are smart with all different tools.

a cool fact

one  cool fact about this job is that they are found in swamps, streams, rivers, lakes, oceans, ports, harbors, locks, weirs, reservors, and spillways. that is just some of the places they can be found.

How Commerical divers help the commutity

they help build underwater structures, salvage treasure from acient shipwrecks. they other stuff also but that will just give you an idea of what they do in the commutity.

education requirement and skills needed

to become a commercial diver you will need a high school diploma or GED, for your skill you need under water welding so you can weld under water stuff. you also may need to be good with construction

personality needed for this job

you will need the ability to stay calm in all scenarios. and work well with other people in the field.


this is what you have been waiting for the whole time. you would be getting a pretty good wage it would be about 52,550 dollars

The project growth of commercial divers

the project growth of the commercial diver business is about 14% to 20% so its above average.

Companies that hire Commerical Diviers

1 Aqueos         2 Oceaneering        3  United States Navy