Best Practices Tip Sheet

The X Commandments for Making Effective Slide Presentations

In our ever increasing visual world, it is important that we learn different strategies for creating effective slide presentations so that the concepts we are trying to communicate are well received. This means creating a presentation that is simple, organized, and has visual impact. The alternative? A presentation that will leave your audience feeling as if your Power Point is from the Stone Ages! Here are my X Commandments for Making Effective Slide Presentations.

The X Communication Commandments

I. Thou shall have an attention-getting opener.

II. Thou shall NOT write our entire verbal script on thy slides, as to create information overload.

III. Thou shall use complimentary images or visuals that are meaningful onto each of the slides to allow for deeper dual processing.

IV. Thou shall use Titles or Headlines to keep thee presentations organized.

V. Thou shall NOT use obnoxious unrelated backgrounds that distract our viewers.

VI. Thou shall NOT use neon, grotesque, or clashing colors as to blind our viewers.

VII. Thou shall NOT use excessive amounts of charts and graphs to inundate thee.

VIII. Thou shall use a professional looking font that is easily readable and is appropriate to thy concepts presented.

IX. Thou MUST correct thy text for spelling mistakes.

X. Thou shall NOT bullet point thy presentations to death.