Hybrid Instruction Update

Please read this important information

Dear Marysville Families

We know that all the recent communications from the district and the Governor may have been overwhelming and things seem to be constantly changing. All of these uncertainties and changes can bring up big feelings. We are having them too!

Since the announcement last Friday with an earlier return date for K-5 in person instruction, we have been working tirelessly to determine for you what is actually solid in planning at this point.

Here is what we know for sure:

  • First we are very excited to be welcoming students back for in person instruction by the end of the week of March 29th.
  • There will be an option for Hybrid Instruction (some time in person and some online) or staying with Comprehensive Distance Learning (all online with synchronous and asynchronous).
  • There will be an AM and PM group of students.
  • The times for all K-5 and K-8 schools will be the same
  • The AM in person time will 8:00 -10:15 AM
  • The PM in person time will be 12:15 - 2:30 PM
  • The in person learning options will take place 4 days per week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • The times and schedule for students remaining in Distance Learning will also be different and either AM or PM for synchronous work.
  • Simulcast will not be a part of the Comprehensive Distance Learning instruction.
  • Lessons for in person Hybrid and Synchronous CDL will be the same - Class Meeting, Whole Group Literacy and Whole Group Math.
  • When students aren’t in person or synchronous, they will be completing asynchronous work like they do now.
  • Student groups for in person instruction either AM or PM will be created based on family survey responses and room capacities.
  • Our classrooms only fit a limited number of students at a time so once a group is created we will not be able to add more students to that group.
  • Based on space availability and family choice of hybrid or distance learning at each grade level, we may have to change classrooms for some students to balance the groups.

District 4th Quarter Learning Survey Responses

We will be using the PPS survey answers to make our class lists for the Hybrid and Comprehensive Distance Learning groups at each grade level and in each class.

If you want to change your answer on the hybrid survey from yes to no or no to yes, please e-mail me directly by Thursday 3/11 telling me you want to change from yes to no or no to yes for hybrid.

I’ll need your child’s name, their teacher, and what your desired change is.

We still have your hybrid answers from the PPS survey and will use those if it does not change for you. It will be very hard for us to rearrange because of decision changes after Friday 3/12.

Thank you! We need to let the district know our new instructional groups by Friday afternoon and have these groups created in Synergy next week.

Next Steps

  • We will contact families next week with the schedule for K-5 students and whether they will be in the AM or PM cohort. Due to the complexities of scheduling this we will have to make this decision based on the needs of the school as a whole.
  • We will be working on a similar schedule for a return of our Middle School Students by Mid April.
  • We will do our best to match the Middle School cohort with the K-5 sibling schedule.
  • We will have a family virtual Q & A meeting at 5:30 PM on Thursday 3/18 (link will be shared next week)
  • The Friday before Spring Break 3/19 will be an asynchronous day for all of the classes, so that the teachers can prepare their classrooms for the student return!
Big picture

Thank you for all of your support and understanding.

This is another big change in a year that has already had an enormous amount of changes. We do see this as a positive opportunity for our community.

We talk about resilience a lot in our social emotional learning lessons and the Marysville community always provides an amazing example of resilience and perseverance.

We really do... "do hard things together!"

Please let me know if you have questions or comments.


Cathy Murray