Soaring Over MDE

August 20, 2021

Back to School Night

August 24, 2021 will be Back to school night. It will be 100% virtual. Please look for an email from your teacher with the Zoom or Google Meet meeting link. If you do not get it, please do not hesitate to reach out to the office.

This year's times are as follows:

Starbuck's Kindergarten: 6:45pm-7:30pm

First Grade: 6:45pm-7:30pm

Second Grade: 6:45pm-7:30pm

Third-Fifth Grades: 6:00pm-6:45pm

Before and After School

We are now a full week and 2-days into school. Students are loving the walk and talk and I want to thank everyone for your emails regarding the Walk and Talk. The goal of the Walk and Talk is to ease students into the day. They are loving counting how many laps they are doing and the conversations that are being had, are priceless.

As a reminder, school begins at 8:00am. WE open up the campus right about 7:48 so students only are able to make it to their walk and talk location by 7:50. There is no need to go to the classroom prior to going to walk and talk. Backpacks are being lined up out on the yard and brought to their classrooms together. Kindergarten students are the only students that should be going directly to their classrooms.

Students that arrive early are asked to wait at the front of the school. There is no supervision on campus prior to 7:50.

Pick-up is going very well. Thank you all for making this a very smooth transition. Please remember that there should be no stopping in the through lane on Mt. Zion. There should also be no U-Turns being made on Pine Hollow.

We are still awaiting confirmation of a new crossing guard at the bottom of the hill. This is provided for by the city.

Wednesday Lunch

Your students may have come home on Wednesday letting you know they did not get a lot of time to play at lunch. Our lunches on Wednesday are only 20-minutes. We do get out of school at 12:55. Students are certainly offered the time to eat lunch, however, they do not need to eat it. Please make sure your child knows that it is an early day, so the lunch time has been shortened.


In an effort to support the testing of students, staff, and immediate families, MDUSD Is offering 14 sites for COVID PCR testing, beginning on Monday. The specific sites and locations are spread across the district and all logistical information can be found at:

The website will be updated late each Friday to add the locations for the next week, which should eliminate any confusion about times and locations. Where possible, we will identify the exact location on the school campus and when you arrive, look for the signs for testing.

Please visit the site to read important instructions, identify a convenient location for your student, and complete paperwork, as this should expedite your experience. Other countywide locations for testing and vaccinations are located on the same page for your convenience. We appreciate your support, cooperation, and understanding as we ramp up to meet the needs of our school staff, students and immediate families.


As we have seen this week, the fires are raging across California. With fires comes smoke, as we all know. We look at the AQI website: to guide us on how to proceed during the day.

I do check daily at 7am to see where our levels are at...According to the MDUSD Action plan for AQI Ratings HERE, we are not to eat lunch or have recesses outside when we are in the orange (which is anything over 101.) If we are in the orange, I will be informing guardians, via Parent Square, as early as possible to let you make the most informed decisions for your own family

In the event we are in the orange at the beginning of school, again there will be a Parent Square sent out as early as possible. Students will be expected to go directly to their classrooms and walk and talk will not take place on that day.

This week, we have been pretty lucky that we have not gone over 62 during the school day. However, as we know it seems to get worse during the day into the night. I hope our fire season does not last much longer!

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