Kluane National Park

By Dominic Jones

Physical Features

Kluane National Park has some cool physical features. One physical feature is the glaciers like valley glaciers like Naludi. Kluane National Park also has mountains like the St. Elias Mountains, Mount Logan, and Mount Lucainia. Kluane also has a giant river called Alsek River.


Kluane National Park has a lot of wildlife. Some of the predators in Kluane are bears and wolves. Kluane has at least 150 species of birds. Kluane National Park also has Dall Sheep, Mountain Goats, Caribou, and Moose.


The Montane Forest has white spruce, trembling aspen, and balsam poplar that cover much of the lower valleys and slopes. The treeline is 1050 to 1200 meters, depending upon local conditions. there are some low growing shrubs like willow, dwarf, birch, and alder, which provide protection for smaller plants.

Tourist facilities

Kluane National Park has a visitors center located at Haines Junction and Sheep Mountain. Kluane has a place called Kathleen Lake were you can camp out.