1. When i created the monster, i rushed out of the room and continued a long time traversing my bedchamber.

2. I listened to this discourse with the extremest agony I, not in deed, but in effect, was the true murderer.

3. Remember I am thy creature, I ought to be thy Adam, but i am rather the fallen angel.

4. I remembered Adam's supplication to his creator, But where was mine? He had abandoned me and with the bitterness of my heart, i cursed him.

5. CURSED CURSED CURSED CREATOR why did i live? Why in that instant, did i not extinguish the spark of existence out of you had you so wantonly exposed.

6. A new light seemed to dawn upon my mind, and bounding with joy, I communicated my discovery to my father. My father looked carelessly at the title page of the book, and said "Ah Cornelius Arippa! my dear victor do not waste your time upon this, it is sad trash.