Louisiana State University

by:leah watson


LSU got their nickname the fighting tigers or the lady tigers in the fall of 1896.



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Some of LSU logos

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unique facts about LSU

Mike tiger

they first purchased their first tiger mike october 10, 1935. it was purchased from the little rock zoo. he cost about $750. mike lived for about 20 years before dying of kidney disease in 1956. after mike their has been a total of 5 other mikes.

hey, fighting tigers

"hey, fighting tigers," the sporting event song was adapted from broadway show tune "hey look me over."

did you know

LSU was the first team to play on foreign soil


In 1959 billy cannon dashed past seven tacklers and ran 89 yards to the touchdown. some say that that was the most memorable in college football history.


Coach les miles requests a taste of grass at each stadium he visits.

So what is lsu

LSU is creating the image of being fierce. thats why they chose a tiger becuase a tiger is a ferocious animal