Preschool Teacher

Working with children ages 3-5

Educate children who have not yet entered Kindergarden.

They teach reading, writing, science and other subjects in a way that young children can understand.

Work Environment :

Preschool Teachers work in public and private schools, childcare centers, and charitable organizations. Many work the traditional 10 month school year, but some work the full year.

Hourly Wage - $8.79-$16.80

Median Salary - $34,750

Job Outlook :

Preschool employment is projected to grow 17% from 2012-2022.

Knowledge, Education and Experience

  • CDA (most states)
  • CCP
  • Associate's Degree

Tasks Required and Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Organization Skills
  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Clean Background Check