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October 2021

Happy Fall, Y'all!

It's hard to believe that we're already 2 months into the school year! We know that this year is again presenting challenges like none we've ever seen before. Hang in there! Remember that we're here to support you. Don't hesitate to reach out if we can help in any way!

Don't forget to read all the way through the newsletter for some great features, as well as info about this month's prize raffle!

September Raffle Winners

Thanks to all who participated in our September challenge by hanging up a reading sign! There are so many great books, magazines, articles, and other texts being read by colleagues across the district. Check out our BASD Reading Signs Padlet if you're looking for any new titles!

Also, congrats to our raffle winners! Marion-Walker Elementary had the highest faculty/staff participation in the challenge, winning them a variety of yummy sweets in their lounge area. Individual raffle winners and their self-selected prizes were:

  • Bellefonte Elementary: Jodi Proctor (scratch-off lottery ticket)
  • Benner Elementary: Amanda Good (mid-day coffee delivery from URBN)
  • Marion-Walker Elementary: Steph Mason (milkshake delivery from State Burger)
  • Pleasant Gap Elementary: Kimberly Smith ($10 gift card to Red Horse Tavern)
  • Middle School: Lori Horner ($10 gift card to Faith Centre)
  • High School: Kat Momenzadeh (milkshake delivery from URBN)
  • Central Office: Nate Olson (coffee delivery from Bonfatto's)

Check out pics of a few of our raffle winners below!

MAP Recap

Whew! We know there still may be a few students who were quarantined that need to complete makeups, but overall, the 1st round of the MAP assessment for grades 1-8 is under our belts. While we're still learning about the platform and various reports available, the data we've seen thus far is proving to be useful as a baseline indicator of where our students are performing.

Information will be shared soon from admin about next steps regarding discussing the reports with families and facilitating one-to-one conferences with students. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of us if we can help you access or interpret the reports for your students. The next round of MAP assessments will be in early January.

Instructional Tidbit

YOUR WORDS MATTER. Are you getting lots of blank stares during class discussions? Does it often seem like you're talking to a brick wall? Sure, it could be that our kids are daydreaming about their future TikTok fame, but it could also be a result of the types of questions you're asking. Take a moment to reflect:

  • Do your questions tend to have one-word answers?
  • Do your questions regularly challenge your students to think?
  • Do your questions align to your learning goals for the lesson?
  • Do your questions encourage students to think-outside-the-box?
  • Do you find that the same students answer all the time?

While every question doesn't need to assess higher-order thinking, we should be striving to incorporate questions that challenge our students to think deeply about the content on a regular basis. When we think of a framework for questioning, Webb's Depth of Knowledge is our go-to resource:

Big picture

We are more than happy to help you develop more effective questions and/or track the questioning that takes place in your classroom. There are a few different ways we can do this that won't require any extra planning or a huge time commitment on your part. If you'd like additional support with questioning, just let us know!

We also encourage you to check out the April 2020 issue of Ed Leadership. If you're interested in reading any of the articles listed in the table of contents, we can provide you with a copy: We will also be holding a trade time session centered around the articles in this issue. See below for more info.

Over the next few weeks, we challenge you to ramp up your questions. See the section below for your chance to be entered in our monthly prize raffle!

October Prize Raffle

As you focus on elevating your questioning techniques, visit our Padlet and add a question from a recent lesson. It could be good, bad, or ugly! Just take a moment to reflect:


We'll pull raffle winners sometime before Thanksgiving, but will send out a reminder to add to the Padlet a few days before.

Fall Coaching Challenge

We hope you consider joining us for our Fall Coaching Challenge! It will be held in each school during the month of November. Check out the link below for more details. The winning school will be rewarded with a PIE PARTY the week of Thanksgiving break!

STEM Spotlight

So what really is STEM? Over the next several newsletters, Allison will break down the 4 Cs of STEM. First up...CRITICAL THINKING!

No matter what profession or career our students pursue, being able to think critically is vital to their success. They will be presented with novel problems (some that don't even exist yet!) and need strategies to be able to come up with solutions, test their ideas, analyze, and reevaluate. We want our students to have the skills to break down a problem and build a solution. STEM focuses on creating that line of thinking with novel, real world problems/challenges.

Teacher Feature

Check out some of the cool things happening in BASD classrooms!

Trade Time Reminders

The purpose of Trade Time is to encourage you to take ownership of your own professional growth by engaging in learning experiences that are directly applicable to you and your students. In a nutshell, Trade Time provides you with the opportunity to attend sessions outside of contractual hours and then “trade” the time you earn in place of the last district-wide Professional Learning Day. The 2021-2022 Trade Time day is scheduled for May 27th, which is the Friday before Memorial Day. Please click on the document below to view important trade time reminders and links to the various forms you may need to complete the process.

Upcoming Trade Time Opportunities

Internal Trade Time Opportunities:

Ed Leadership Article Chat: Deeper Discussions

Tuesday, November 2nd


In this session, participants will engage in a discussion about...DISCUSSIONS! Prior to the session, participants will choose two of the articles from the April 2020 issue of Educational Leadership to read. Participants will meet virtually to discuss the articles they read, share key takeaways, and discuss the implications with colleagues across the district.

*Note: Live session will only be 45 minutes in length; 15 minutes of time will be credited for participants to read the articles prior to the meeting. Total trade time credit is 1 hour.


Recognizing Gifted Students (Gifted PL Series, Part 1)

Self-Paced via Pear Deck

In this session, participants will engage in a self-paced Pear Deck presentation to learn more about the characteristics of gifted students. Not only will you learn critical info about recognizing and supporting gifted learners, but you'll see how the student-paced version of Pear Deck works. Additionally, participants will reflect upon the most prevalent myths in gifted education and understand why it's important to differentiate for this unique group of learners.
*Note: This is the same presentation offered at district-wide PL days over the past 2 years. If you already attended this session on a district PL day, you can not participate in this for trade time. You must attend this session BEFORE before attending Part 2 or Part 3 of the Gifted PL Series.


External Trade Time Opportunities:

Simply Small Groups: Differentiating Literacy in Any Setting

Monday, November 1, 2021; 3:30pm

Corwin Webinar Presented by Deb Diller

Too many decisions, limited time for planning, students reading at many different levels? Examine the why, what, and how of small group literacy instruction with Debbie Diller, a trusted educator with more than four decades of experience.


Supporting Language Development through Media

Wednesday, November 10; 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Presented by Dr. Allison Henward and Yeojoo Yoon

Classroom play often involves popular media culture. Is the use of media helpful to children’s development? Is it appropriate to bring media culture into the classroom? We will explore how to use media to support children’s language development and the challenges and possibilities they bring. Register now and receive a FREE PBS KIDS Book Bundle for your home or classroom library! Act 48 credit available.


How to Grade for Learning After the Pandemic

Monday, November 29, 2021; 3:30pm

Corwin Webinar, Presented by Ken O'Connor

The basic principles of grading for learning didn't change because of the pandemic, but we learned some valuable lessons from pandemic schooling. This webinar with Ken O'Connor will focus on how to grade for learning through CALM grading and what pandemic schooling showed that we should continue, what we should stop, and what we should start.


Effective Feedback that Fuels Self-Motivation in Learners

Monday, December 6, 2021; 3:30pm

Corwin Webinar, Presented by Dr. Debbie Silver

“How do I motivate these learners?” is a perpetual enquiry among parents and educators striving to improve student performance. The better question, of course, is how do we get them to motivate themselves?


Drawing Together: STEM Integration Through Drawing Experimentation

Tuesday, December 14; 4:00-5:00 p.m.

with Aaron Knochel and the HUB-Robeson Galleries

Explore how drawing can bring STEAM concepts to life for your elementary students! This workshop will provide opportunities for all educators to become comfortable integrating mobile technologies and simple machines, allowing students to create their own expressive artwork. Act 48 credit available.


Book Nook

Surprise! This month, we're not featuring professional books...we're sharing a few of our favorite Ed Leadership issues! Click on each magazine cover for an overview of the articles featured for the topic. If you'd like to borrow any of these issues, just let us know!

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