Describing a room in ASL

Also, learn what a classifier is

What is a classifier?

A classifier is very simple to learn. A classifier is a hand shape signed in ASL to help describe an action, movement, placement, location, etc. But as with all things, there is an order in which to follow. You must first give a sign your going to use the classifier with, then use the classifier afterwards. The purpose is to show what an object is doing, from moving a cup, or moving a chair, classifiers can be used with these examples.

How To Describe A Room In ASL with Classifiers

Why do you have to know what a classifier is? Well, in order to describe a room in ASL, you must first learn how to use classifiers. Before I get into detail, there is a certain way to describe a room in ASL. First you sign what room your talking about. Then you sign how you enter the room. Then you describe the objects/people that are in the room from either left to fight, or right to left. What do classifiers have to do with this? When your signing your objects, you use classifiers to show what way an object is facing, the location or what it's doing. For example, the picture you see above this paragraph is the "v" classifier. If you are describing a chair in the room of your house, you could use the "v" classifier to show that the chair is facing towards the window.


Now you not only know what a classifier is, but on how you can use that classifier with describing a house. There are more than 3 classifiers you can use, i only chose to give 3. I hope this will come in handy one day, and not just be a waste of my time.