Farmington View Friday Focus

December 7-11

Weekly Calendar

Monday, December 7

1:00-1:30 STEM Meeting (Janet & Roger)

Tuesday, December 8

11:00-11:45 Danielle's Formal Observation

2:05-4:00 Academic Club (Sara & Danielle)

2:15 Action Team

Wednesday, December 9

2:00-3:15 Teacher Directed Academic Seminar (Collaboration)

3:00-4:00 Roger @ AC for SIOP Meeting

5:30-7:30 Book Fair

6:00-7:30 Family Dodgeball

Thursday, December 10

7:30-3:30 Danielle, Kim & Roger at NWRESD for Elementary Collaboration Meeting

2:05-4:00 Science Club (Christy)

2:05-4:00 Academic Club (Danielle & Sara)

4:00 Salmon Release @ Rood Bridge Park

Friday, December 11

Nuts and Bolts

  • We will be conducting interviews for a new night custodian on 12/15 from 9:00-10:30 and 1:30-2:00.

  • Facilities visited our cafeteria during lunch to check the noise level. They agreed with us that it's too loud and related to the structure and not the students. They are now looking at a couple of options to reduce the noise. I think the first will be adding some type of hard foam to the ceiling and possibly the walls.

  • This is more of an FYI. I spoke to a concerned citizen yesterday for about an hour. She told me that a student that she knows and who attends FV told her that her principal said she couldn't say Christmas at school. I informed her that I never stated that but have told teachers that we don't celebrate Christmas but are able to teach about different cultures. It was a good conversation and honestly, I would prefer people to call about their concerns instead of talking bad about one of us or our schools. If you have any questions, please let me know.

  • Just a reminder that Mrs. Pfister is out until December 14th.

  • We have the Elks Food Drive and MobyMax competitions ongoing this next week.

Cornell Notes

This video is a style of Cornell Note taking.
The Studies Weekly Cornell Note-Taking Method

Shout Outs

  • Had an opportunity to observe Tracey's class build/test Rube Goldberg machines. The energy in the room was amazing. The best sound was hearing a student say "I have an idea!" What a great learning opportunity.
  • Both Erin and Christina have several students in their classes who are still learning how to keep their hands/feet to themselves. I appreciate their patience and how well they are communicating with their parents.
  • Teaching a split is a real challenge. There are times you have to work with one grade while the other grade works independently. While observing Jill, her independent group was on-task 100% of the time. She has trained them well!
  • As mentioned above, our lunchroom is quite loud. I want to thank Marcia, Heather, Danielle, Sarah, Sara, Shay and Alissa for trying a variety of strategies to decrease the volume until a structural change is made. They have been persistent and display a growth mindset!
  • Robin's integration of technology increases student engagement and performance.
  • Reuter continues to find ways to improve our systems. He took a picture of a lost and found wall at another school that seems to work. We are going to give it a try here.

Have a wonderful weekend!